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Patent and Trademark Tactics and Practice, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-32932-9
304 pages
April 1999
Patent and Trademark Tactics and Practice, 3rd Edition (0471329320) cover image
The essential intellectual property reference for all areas of science and technology--covering patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets

Did you know that a patent does not give its owner the right to make, use, or sell the invention covered by his patent? That a trademark need never be registered in order to sue others for infringing on it? Or that even an unpublished work is protected by copyright under the latest copyright laws?

Crucial and often surprising information like this is given careful attention in Patent and Trademark Tactics and Practice, Third Edition. The author--an expert patent attorney--outlines the fundamental principles that must be understood by inventors, business people, and others engaged in the development, protection, and management of intellectual property.

With straightforward language and clear, concise explanations, this book explains legal rights and obligations as well as correct procedures necessary for legal protection. It answers dozens of legal and procedural questions, from how to find a good patent attorney and apply for a patent to how to select and use a trademark and protect trade secrets. The book will help you work with a patent attorney by guiding you in keeping proper patent records, properly using your trademarks and documenting crucial information that will be needed by counsel.
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The Panorama of Intellectual Property.

Working with a Patent Attorney.


Basic Features of Patents and Patent Systems.

What Can Be Patented and By Whom.

Preparing to Apply for a Patent.

Prosecuting a Pending Patent Application.

Using an Issued Patent.

Maintaining Proper Invention Records.

Planning a Patent Program.

Disclosing an Idea and Invention Marketing.

Assignments, Shoprights, and Licenses.

Patent Protections Available Abroad.


Basic Features of Trademarks.

Selection and Proper Use of Trademarks.

Trademark Registration.

Assigning, Licensing, and Enforcing Trademark Rights.


Basic Features of Copyrights.

Registration and Other Copyright Issues.


Design Patents.

Plant Protection.

Trade Secrets.




Appendix Tables.

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DAVID A. BURGE is a well-known registered patent attorney who maintains an active private practice in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the author of numerous articles on intellectual property, has coauthored the Patents chapter in recent editions of Wiley's Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, has received numerous bar association awards, and is a member of several honorary societies of engineering.
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