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Principles and Practice of Biological Mass Spectrometry

ISBN: 978-0-471-33053-0
448 pages
October 2000
Principles and Practice of Biological Mass Spectrometry (0471330531) cover image


A practical introduction to contemporary instrumentation, techniques, and applications

This book provides professionals in the biological sciences with a solid basis in the fundamentals of contemporary mass spectrometry so that they can confidently choose and apply the best instrumentation and experimental approaches for their needs. The only single-volume guide of its kind, Principles and Practice of Biological Mass Spectrometry offers comprehensive coverage of the latest instrumentation, techniques, and applications in the rapidly expanding field of biological mass spectrometry, making it an excellent working resource for experts and novices alike.

Principles and Practice of Biological Mass Spectrometry begins with a detailed review of the fundamentals of and recent developments in biological mass spectrometry instrumentation. This is followed by practical, well-illustrated instances of important mass spectrometric techniques, including:
* Tandem mass spectrometry
* Collision-induced dissociation
* Molecular mass determination
* Coupling of mass spectrometry with separation techniques
* Quantification

The final portion of the book is devoted to an exploration of contemporary approaches to the characterization of the various classes of compounds relevant to the biological sciences. While the emphasis is on proteins and peptides, nucleic acid, carbohydrates, and lipids, pharmaceutical drugs and metabolites also receive extensive coverage. Throughout, coverage is generously supplemented with examples of applications across a wide range of commercial and academic venues.

Principles and Practice of Biological Mass Spectrometry is an invaluable working resource for chemists, biochemists, biologists, molecular biologists, biomedical researchers, pharmacologists, immunologists, forensic scientists, environmental scientists, and all whose research involves the analysis of biological compounds.
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Table of Contents

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry.

Ionization Methods.

Mass Analysis and Ion Detection.

Tandem Mass Spectrometry.

Molecular Mass Measurement.

Quantitative Analysis.

Coupling of Separation Techniques with Mass Spectrometry.

Structural Analysis of Proteins.

Structural Characterization of Peptides.

Analysis of Glycoproteins and Oligosaccharides.

Folding-Unfolding and Higher-order Structures of Proteins.

Investigation of Noncovalent Interactions.

Structure Determination of Lipids and Glycolipids.

Screening Combinatorial Libraries.

Characterization of Oligonucleotides.

Applications to Real-World Problems.

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Author Information

CHHABIL DASS, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the University of Memphis, Department of Chemistry.
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"Provides professionals...with fundamentals of contemporary mass spectrometry and gives advice...for different situations." (SciTech Book News, March 2001)

"...the book is well-written...many up-to-date references are provided...reading it is worthwhile..." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 123, No. 33, 2001)

"...an excellent, self-contained book which is highly recommended...a volume that will be an enjoyable read to scientists at all levels, and one that will be returned to time and time again as a reference manual and source of inspiration." (Spectroscopyeurope.com)
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