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Encyclopedia of Imaging Science and Technology, 2 Volume Set

ISBN: 978-0-471-33276-3
1632 pages
February 2002
Encyclopedia of Imaging Science and Technology, 2 Volume Set (0471332763) cover image


This encyclopedia is the first to offer in-depth coverage of imaging science and technology from a diverse range of applications, techniques and fields of study.

Today imaging is used by astronomers to map distant galaxies, oceanographers to map the sea floor, chemists to map the distribution of atoms on a surface, physicians to map the functionality of the brain and electrical engineers to map electromagnetic fields around power lines. With this encyclopedia, scientists, engineers and physicians can understand more about the science and technology behind the imaging techniques they are currently using and learn the latest technologies.

Diverse coverage offers the ability to learn from applications in archeology, aviation, astronomy, chemistry, forensics, geography, mathematics, medicine, meteorology, microscopy, oceanography, surveillance and more ... and how to apply those imaging solutions to many different problems.

Also available in a user-friendly, online edition The new electronic version of the Encyclopedia, accessible through Wiley InterScience, offers enhanced browsing, searching and cross-referencing capabilities. Visit www.interscience.wiley.com/eist

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Table of Contents

Acoustic Sources or Receiver Arrays: Directional Response Characteristics of , Detector Technology

Analog and Digital SQUID Sensors , Detector Technology

Capacitive Probe Microscopy , Imaging Techniques Systems

Cathode Ray Tube Display Technology , Display Technology

Cathode Ray Tubes , Display Technology

Characterization of Image Systems , End User

Charged Particle Optics , Image Formation

Color Image Processing , Digital Image Processing

Color Photography , Imaging Techniques Systems

Digital Video , Display Technology

Digital Watermarking , Digital Image Processing

Display Calibration , End User

Dye Transfer Printing Technology , Display Technology

Electroencephalogram (EEG) Topography , Imaging Techniques Systems

Electromagnetic Radiation and Interactions with Matter , Spectroscopy

Electron Microscopes , Imaging Techniques Systems

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Imaging , Imaging Techniques Systems

Electrophotography , Imaging Techniques Systems

Endoscopy , Imaging Techniques Systems

Feature Measurement , Digital Image Processing

Feature Recognition Object Classification , Digital Image Processing

Field Emission Display Panels , Display Technology

Flow Imaging , Imaging Techniques Systems

Force Imaging , Imaging Techniques Systems

Foundations of Morphological Image Processing , Digital Image Processing

Gravitation Imaging , Imaging Techniques Systems

Gravure Multi-Copy Printing , Display Technology

Ground Penetrating Radar , Imaging Techniques Systems

High Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy Imaging , Imaging Techniques Systems

High Speed Photographic Imaging , Imaging Techniques Systems

Holography , Imaging Techniques Systems

Human Visual System -
Color Visual Processing , End User

Human Visual System -
Image Formation , End User

Human Visual System -
Spatial Visual Processing , End User

Image Formation , Image Formation

Image Processing Techniques , Digital Image Processing

Image Quality Metrics , End User

Image Search and Retrieval Strategies , Digital Image Processing

Image Threshold and Segmentation , Digital Image Processing

Imaging Applied to the Geologic Sciences , Imaging Applications

Imaging Science in Art Conservation , Imaging Applications

Imaging Science in Astronomy , Imaging Applications

Imaging Science in Biochemistry , Imaging Applications

Imaging Science in Forensics & Criminology , Imaging Applications

Imaging Science in Medicine , Imaging Applications

Imaging Science in Meteorology , Imaging Applications

Imaging Science in Overhead Surveillance , Imaging Applications

Infrared Thermography , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Ink Jet Printing for Organic Electroluminescent Display , Display Technology

Instant Photography , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging , Imaging Techniques & Systems

LIDAR , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Lightning Locator , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Liquid Crystal Display Technology , Display Technology

Magnetic Field Imaging , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Magnetic Resonance Imaging , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Magnetospheric Imaging , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Motion Picture Photography , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Neutron Imaging, Radiography, and CT , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Optical Image Formation , Image Formation

Optical Microscopy , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Over the horizon (OTH) Radar , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Particle Detector Technology for Imaging, Detector Technology

Photoconductor Detector Technology , Detector Technology

Photodetectors , Detector Technology

Photographic Color Display Technology , Display Technology

RF Magnetic Field Mapping , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Silver Halide Detector Technology , Detector Technology

Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) , Imaging Techniques & Systems

Stereo & 3D Display Technologies , Display Technology

Still Photography , Imaging Techniques & Systems
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"...an impressive book..." (Materials World, September 2002)

"...provides coverage of imaging science and technology from a diverse range of applications, techniques, and fields of study...can assist scientists, engineers, and physicians to better understand the science behind...imaging techniques." (Spectroscopy, Vol. 17, No. 2, December 2002)

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