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Mastering the Digital Marketplace: Practical Strategies for Competitiveness in the New Economy

ISBN: 978-0-471-34546-6
336 pages
October 1999
Mastering the Digital Marketplace: Practical Strategies for Competitiveness in the New Economy (0471345466) cover image
"This is our vision of what the promised digital land is likely to look like this is our advice on how to best prepare for it." - from Mastering the Digital Marketplace

As we head into the twenty-first century, what will separate the winners from the losers in the world of business? As Douglas Aldrich tells us in this comprehensive book, the leaders will be those CEOs who use information technology to its fullest potential across every area of operation, from streamlining internal processes to connecting with suppliers and customers. In short, the line between success and failure will be drawn between those who can function in the emerging digital economy and those who cannot.

Based on research developed within A. T. Kearney, this accessible resource provides a logical, step-by-step framework for surviving-and thriving-in the digital marketplace. Aldrich identifies key strategic areas that you as a corporate leader must consider before leading your company into the digital economy: the development of a powerful new consumer value proposition; time value and its impact on products and services; and the growth of new electronic networked business models.

In addition to presenting practical methods for developing business strategies around these concepts and organizing for their implementation, Aldrich offers three specific approaches to mastering the digital marketplace: intelligent products, intelligent markets, and intelligent organizations. Along with an array of diagnostic tools, as well as case studies of both successes and failures, here's where you'll find complete details on:
* The value of time
* Digital containers and content
* A new business model-the Digital Value Network (DVN)
* The evolution of organizational structures
* Creating digital value

Written by a leading authority in conjunction with one of today's leading global management consulting firms, this is a must read for anyone looking to understand-and master-the digital marketplace.

The Last Word on the Digital Economy

"Wall Street is increasingly focused on the value-added competencies of corporations. By outlining a practical guide to succeed in the digital economy, this book provides executives with a framework to maximize shareholder value. That's what makes this book such a valuable resource." - Elizabeth Mackay Chief Investment Strategist, Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc.

"The digital future is present! This fascinating book patiently guides you through today's high-tech arena with countless examples and valuable insight." - Stephen R. Covey Author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"Mastering the Digital Marketplace is as good a navigational aid [to the electronic economy] as you will find anywhere. Doug Aldrich works with these issues every day, and his practical experience shines through on every page." - Thomas H. Davenport Professor of Management Information Systems Boston University School of Management

"Mastering the Digital Marketplace is a 'must read' for senior management if they intend to ensure the survival and growth of their companies in the digital economy . . . The case studies and vignettes provide invaluable lessons learned if only the reader takes the time to read and think." - John G. Sifonis Author of Net Ready: Corporation on a Tightrope and Dynamic Planning

"Mastering the Digital Marketplace challenges the imagination and exposes why our past experiences will not serve us as we invent our future in a digital universe." - Lloyd D. Ward Chairman and CEO, Maytag Corporation
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The Digital Marketplace.


The Value of Time.

Digital Containers and Content.

Action Ideas: Transforming Your Offering.


New Sources of Value in the Digital Marketplace.

A New Business Model-The Digital Value Network.

Action Ideas: Beginning the DVN Journey.


The Evolution of Organizational Structures.

Transforming into the Value-Based Organization.

Obstacles to Reaching the Value-Based Organization.


Mastering the Digital Marketplace.


Creating Digital Value.

The Power of Information.


Comments on the Digital Marketplace.




About the Author.
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DOUGLAS F. ALDRICH is Vice President and Managing Director of the Global Strategic Information Technology Practice at A. T. Kearney, the management consulting firm.
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"The book is written by a leading authority in conjunction with one of today's leading global management consulting firms and will be useful reading for anyone looking to understand and master the digital marketplace." (EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development, January 2000)

"An intriguing business model and Aldrich makes a compelling case for it becoming a blueprint for success in the digital revolution." (Future Filter, September 2000)
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