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Electric Circuit Analysis, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-36571-6
864 pages
January 1997, ©1997
Electric Circuit Analysis, 3rd Edition (0471365718) cover image


Known for its student-friendly approach, the revision of this best-selling book thoroughly covers the fundamentals of circuit theory from both a time domain and frequency domain point of view. The third edition of this comprehensive text has been fully updated and modernized to reflect current approaches to the course. It includes a greater emphasis on design, SPICE, and op amps, so as to better reflect the recent developments in the study of linear circuits.

This text provides the student with a solid foundation for future studies in any branch of electrical engineering. It is appropriate for sophomore-level courses in Introductory Circuit Analysis.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction.

2 Resistive Circuits.

3 Dependent Sources and Op Amps.

4 Analysis Methods.

5 Energy Storage Elements.

6 First Order Circuits.

7 Second Order Circuits.

8 Sinusoidal Sources and Phasors.

9 AC Steady State Analysis.

10 AC Steady State Power.

11 Three Phase Circuits.

12 The Laplace Transform.

13 Circuit Analysis in the S Domain.

14 Frequency Response.

15 Transformers.

16 Two-port Circuits.

17 Fourier Series and Transform.

18 Putting it all Together: Linear Circuit Design.


A Matrix Methods.

B Complex Numbers and the Complex Exponential.

C Circuit Topology.

D SPICE Reference Guide.

E MATLAB Reference Guide.

F Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Problems.

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Author Information

David E. Johnson, Birmingham Southern College
Johnny R. Johnson, University of North Alabama
John L. Hilburn, Microcomputer Systems
Peter D. Scott, SUNY at Buffalo
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New to This Edition

  • Design. While retaining a traditional approach, design material has been added to most chapters. Additionally, an entire chapter on circuit design principles has been added to both motivate students, and to give the course a real-world flavor.
  • Increased coverage of current topics. There is an increased emphasis on SPICE, op amps, the Laplace transform, transistor functions, and frequency response.
  • New problems. More than half of the problems are new or revised to illustrate current solutions.
  • Supplements. Includes both a new appendix on using MATLAB, and a separate SPICE student booklet.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Introduces the operational amplifier early, and uses it as a basic element throughout the book.
  • Provides numerous exercises and examples throughout.
  • Written in a clear, precise style that has been highly praised throughout many editions.
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Electric Circuit Analysis, Third Edition Transparency Masters
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by David E. Johnson
January 1996, ©1996, Paperback
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