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Success: It's a Beautiful Thing: Lessons on Life and Business from the Founder of Blimpie International

ISBN: 978-0-471-38147-1
264 pages
May 2000
Success: It

"You'll never achieve your greatest successes because you want to make more money. You'll do it out of a love, a desire, and a passion for reaching a dream." -Tony Conza

What is success? Tony Conza will tell you that it has nothing to do with running an international chain of sandwich stores. It has to do with setting goals and achieving them. Long before he became Blimpie International's CEO, Conza was toiling away on Wall Street and dreaming of starting a business. With no money, no connections, and no mentors, Conza set his sights on becoming an entrepreneur. He worked hard. Took risks. He pursued opportunity with a passion. And no matter how grim the situation, Conza never, ever gave up.

Conza says the Blimpie slogan-"It's a Beautiful Thing"-appeals to the heart as well as to the mind. That's what success must do. You must put your heart into your dream and be willing to do whatever it takes. As long as you are passionate about what you do, asserts Conza, you will not fail.

Success: It's a Beautiful Thing reveals how Conza realized his dream, sharing for the first time the commonsense tactics that helped turn a one-store operation run by Conza and two friends into an international, 2,100-store chain known as Blimpie. In a warm, friendly style, Conza interweaves events from his personal and professional life, offering timeless wisdom and practical advice on finding success-both in business and in life.

Here, Conza discusses the struggles, triumphs, and tragedies he faced as he worked to accomplish his goals. Even when financial troubles and poor management threatened to put Blimpie out of business; even with his own bank account depleted and his insurance policies cashed in, Conza found a way to survive. He'll tell you how he did it. You'll discover how Conza created a vision for the future and set an example for his people to follow--turning Blimpie into one of the industry's largest chains, earning profits for staff and shareholders, and making Blimpie a global brand.

As much as this book is a riveting account of how Blimpie was formed and made it to the top, it is also a guide for turning your own dreams of success into reality. Conza's real-life lessons will teach you how to:
* achieve your dream with a three-step plan
* create your own opportunities
* communicate more effectively to improve relationships
* change your behavior to improve your business and your life
* create a life of enjoyment
* do well by doing good
* build upon success once you've achieved it

Conza states that as long as you love what you do and have fun with it, it will never be "work" and you'll find success that much faster. You can become an entrepreneur or run a better business-and reap the rewards. Sparkling with remarkable insight, Success: It's a Beautiful Thing will inspire you to reach your own dreams-and motivate you to sustain your success.


"Looking for a practical road map to a life of successful and fulfilling entrepreneurship? Read this."-Ronald T. LeMay, President and CEO, Sprint Corporation

"Tony has succeeded in combining his skills as an entrepreneur and a wonderful human being to get to the heart of what it takes to be successful, not only in business, but in life."-William R. Johnson, President and CEO, H.J. Heinz Company

"What makes America work? Entrepreneurship. What makes a good entrepreneur? Read Tony Conza's book. You won't regret it!"-Joseph Nye, Dean, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"Tony succeeded not in spite of his humble beginnings but because of them. His story proves that the old-fashioned values instilled in him by his parents-persistence, passion, and a sense of humor-are still the keys to building a successful business today."-John F. Antioco, Chairman and CEO, Blockbuster Inc.

All of Tony Conza's proceeds from this book will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
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Final Thoughts.

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TONY CONZA is the Chairman, founder, and CEO of Blimpie International, which franchises and licenses Blimpie Subs and Salads, an international chain of 2,100 quick-service sandwich locations with annual systemwide sales of $350 million.
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"Tony Conza has shown, time and again, the vision to make Blimpie grow and the courage to make changes along the way. When he speaks about success, a lot of people would be well served to listen." (M. Douglas Ivester, Chairman and CEO The Coca-Cola Company)
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