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Handbook of Racial-Cultural Psychology and Counseling, Volume One, Theory and Research

ISBN: 978-0-471-38628-5
448 pages
November 2004
Handbook of Racial-Cultural Psychology and Counseling, Volume One, Theory and Research (0471386286) cover image


This two-volume handbook offers a thorough treatment of the concepts and theoretical developments concerning how to apply cultural knowledge in theory and practice to various racial and cultural groups.

Volume One focuses on theory and research, and covers:

  • acculturation
  • language and culture
  • social class
  • ethical research
  • emerging areas of inquiry
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Table of Contents


Uprooting Inequity and Disparities in Counseling and Psychology: An Introduction (Robert T. Carter).

PART I: Core Racial-Cultural Concepts, Ideas, and Theories.

1. The Importance of Cultural Psychology Theory for Multicultural Counselors (Paul Pedersen).

2. Culture, Context, and Counseling (Sam D. Johnson Jr.).

3. Ethnicity: The Term and Its Meaning (Heather L . Juby and William R. Concepción).

4. Race: A Social and Psychological Analysis of the Term and Its Meaning (Robert T. Carter and Alex L . Pieterse).

5. The Role of Racial and Cultural Constructs in the History of the Multicultural Counseling Movement (Madonna G. Constantine and Leo Wilton).

6. The Socialization of Self: Understanding Shifting and Multiple Selves across Cultures (Christine J. Yeh and Carla D. Hunter).

7. The Inf luence of Cross’s Initial Black Racial Identity Theory on Other Cultural Identity Conceptualizations (Madonna G. Constantine, Sherry K. Watt, Kathy A. Gainor, and Anika K. Warren).

8. Racial Salience: Conceptual Dimension and Implications for Racial and Ethnic Identity Development (Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan).

9. The Integration of Spiritual and Religious Issues in Racial-Cultural Psychology and Counseling (Timothy B. Smith and P. Scott Richards).

PART II: Critical Issues in Racial-Cultural Research, Measurement, and Ethics.

10. Cultural Psychology: Its Early Roots and Present Status (Juris G. Draguns).

11. The Role of Socialization in Cultural Learning: What Does the Research Say? (Benjamin P. Bowser).

12. Acculturation: Current and Future Directions (Eric L . Kohatsu).

13. Work: Cultural Perspectives on Career Choices and Decision Making (Nadya A. Fouad and Angela M. Byars-Winston).

14. Psychotherapy Process and Outcome from a Racial-Ethnic Perspective (Jairo N. Fuertes, Catarina I. Costa, Lisa N. Mueller, and Mindy Hersh).

15. Race and Research Evidence (Chalmer E. Thompson, Caroline E. Shin, and Joy Stephens).

16. Psychological Functioning and Identity Development of Biracial People: A Review of Current Theory and Research (Marie L. Miville).

17. An Inquiry into the Measurement of Ethnic and Racial Identity (Joseph E. Trimble).

18. Challenging Some Misuses of Reliability as Ref lected in Evaluations of the White Racial Identity Attitude Scale (WRIAS) (Janet E. Helms).

19. Racial-Cultural Ethical Issues in Research (Farah A. Ibrahim and Susan Chavez Cameron).

20. The Decline of White Racial-Cultural Dominance in Counseling and Psychology: A Summary and Reflections on the Impact of Multiple Perspectives (Robert T. Carter, Alex L . Pieterse, and Bryant Williams).

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