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Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 24 Volume Set plus Supplement 1

John G. Webster (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-39052-7
18496 pages
May 2001
Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 24 Volume Set plus Supplement 1 (0471390526) cover image
The Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, edited by John G. Webster, remains the most comprehensive and authoritative resource in the electrical and electronics engineering field to date. Key features of the Encyclopedia include:
  • Each article written by expert in the field or discipline
  • Written for both novice and expert--articles are structured to start with basic material and then move on to more complex theory and applications
  • All articles cross-referenced to related literature of further research
  • Covers history of electrical and electronics engineering, patents, computer engineering and much more
    Wiley is committed to ensuring that the online version of the Encyclopedia continues to reflect the state-of-the-art in engineering and computer science through frequently updating and expanding the Encyclopedia.

If you are interested in contributing an article on one of the topics below, please contact the Associate Editor responsible for that technology. If your topic is not listed below, please contact Editor George Telecki at gtelecki@wiley.com.
Additionally, as a contributor, you will receive free online access to the entire Encyclopedia for one year or any period thereafter during which you are actively preparing updates (or remain willing to do so upon the Editor’s request).

Editorial Panel


Mohammed Shahidehpour
Illinois Institute of Technology


Ganesh Subbarayan
Purdue University


Bahgat G. Sammakia
Binghamton University



Evgeny Katz
Clarkson University


Inder J. Bahl

Chris Rodenbeck
Sandia National Laboratories


Forthcoming Articles


Operation Reliability of Power Systems
Wen Yuan Li
Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)
Ali Emadi
Price Forecasting Techniques in Power Systems
Antonio Conejo
Marc Lamy de la Chapelle
Interdisciplinary Operation of Natural Gas and Electric Power Systems
Cong Liu
State Estimation Security in Smart Grid
Kui Ren
Miniaturized Microwave Fractal Filters (M2F2)
Pierre Jarry
Carbon-Based Interconnects for RF Nanoelectronics
Wen-Yan Yin
Piezotronics and Piezo-phototronics
Zhong Lin Wang
Piezoelectric Nanogenerators for Self-Powered Nanosensors and Nanosystems
Zhong Lin Wang
Design of Transmit/Receive Switches in CMOS
Y.P. Zhang
Power System Operator Training and Simulation
Robin Podmore
Articles in Preparation
Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)
Fault Detection and Just-In-Time Maintenance in Adjustable Speed Drives
Energy Harvesting
Electrical Safety
Home Automation Technology
Graphene Sensors
Tomography Sensors
Unconventional Computing
Unconventional information security systems (molecular keypad lock systems, barcodes etc)
Electronic contacting of biomolecules (electrical “wiring” of proteins/enzymes)
Implanted biofuel cells (biofuel cells operated in vivo in living organisms)
Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW)
Defected Microstrip Structure
GaN HEMT Control Circuits
Metamaterial Circuits
Wireless Power Transfer
Artificial Transmission Lines
Crystal Oscillators
Radiofrequency Identification
Radiofrequency Stability Analysis
Transmission Lines
Monolithic Microwave Power Amplifiers
Wafer-Level, Chip-Scale, and Ball-Grid Array Packaging
Underfills, Die Attach Materials, Conductive Adhesives
Flexible Circuit Boards, Large Area Processing
Electromigration Characterization and Modeling
Chip-Package Interaction Characterization
Call for Contributors
Topics of Interest
Energy Hubs
Electrochemical Biosensors
Implantable Sensors
DNA Based Sensors
Biomimetic Sensors
Biofuel Cells
Biomolecular Materials for Electronic Applications
DNA computing
Defected Ground Structure (DGS)
GaN HEMT Power Amplifiers
Behavioral Modeling of Microwave Transistors
Thermal Design of Transistors and Amplifiers
Evolutionary Optimization Methods
Advances in Power Splitters
Advances in Branchline Hybrids
Delay Lines
RF SiGe System on a Chip
Linearization of Power Amplifiers
Interconnect Modeling
Mixed-Signal Circuits
Tunable Filters
Electromagnetic Virtual Tools
Integrated RF Transceivers
Advances in Planar Filters
Solid State Limiters
RF and Microwave Package
RF Multichip Modules
Terahertz Technology
Microwave Computer-Aided Design
RFIC Embedded Test
Analog-to-Digital Conversion (revise existing article)
Global Positioning System
Microwave Digital Filters
Gallium Nitride Semiconductors
Digital Wideband Receivers
Hybrid Microwave Circuits
Wafer-Scale Packaging
Radiofrequency Inductors
Electronics Supply Chain
Waveguide Filters
Polarimetric Radar
Electronics Manufacturing
V-Band Transceivers and Applications
Electromagnetic Simulation
Synthetic Aperture Radar
CMOS Circuit Design
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (update to existing article "Biomedical NMR")
RF/Microwave Biomedical Imaging
Hybrid Microwave Power Amplifiers
3-D Packaging Including Implementations of TSVs
System in Package (SIP)
Flip-Chip and Fine Pitch Copper Pillar Technology
High Density Substrates and Boards
Optoelectronic Packaging
MEMS Packaging
Wireless Packaging
Automotive and Other Transportation Applications
Low Power Reduced Energy Applications
Embedded Passives
Lead-Free Solder Alloys - Material Choices and Behavior
Thermal Interface Materials
Special Materials: Nano-Structured Materials, Bio-Compatible Materials
Interface Fracture Characterization and Modeling
Board-Level Reliability Characterization and Modeling (Thermal Cycling, Drop/Impact)
Electrical Characterization of Packages

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