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Venture Capital: The Definitive Guide for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Practitioners

ISBN: 978-0-471-39813-4
336 pages
October 2001
Venture Capital: The Definitive Guide for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Practitioners (0471398136) cover image


How to attract the venture capital needed to grow any business
Venture Capital teaches entrepreneurs and small business owners everything they need to know about finding the venture capital they need to grow their businesses. Based, in large part, upon in-depth interviews with major players in the venture capital arena--including money managers as well as entrepreneurs who have dealt with them successfully--it provides powerful pointers on how to make a business attractive to venture capitalists, how to protect yourself in negotiating an agreement, how to manage a relationship with venture capitalists once a deal is signed, and much more. Perhaps most importantly, the reader learns what makes venture capitalists tick and sees things through a venture capitalist's eyes.
Joel Cardis, Esq. (Blue Bell, PA), consults both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses on an array of venture and start-up issues. Hildy Richelson, PhD (Scarsdale, NY), is President of the Scarsdale Investment Group, Ltd.
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Table of Contents



The Venture Capital Revolution.

Venture Capital FAQ: Is the Game Right for You?

The Market Risk.

The People Risk--Part I: Management Teams and Boards.

The People Risk--Part II: Strategic Alliances.

The Master of the Keiretsu: An Interview with Pete Musser.

The Technology Risk.

The Money Risk.


How to Value Your Company.

Writing Effective Business Plans.

Which Venture Capitalist Is Right For You?

Show Time: Presenting to the Venture Capitalists.

Negotiating the Term Sheet: The Art of the Deal.

Surviving the Due Diligence Process.

Epilogue: Life After the Deal.

Appendix A: Directory of Interviewees.

Appendix B: Sample Confidentiality Agreement.

Appendix C: Sample Term Sheet.

Appendix D: TL Ventures Due Diligence Checklist.

Appendix E: Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement.

Appendix F: Select Online Entrepreneurial Resources.

Appendix G: VC Resources for Women and Minorities.


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Author Information

JOEL CARDIS, Esq., is an attorney and consultant with more than two decades of experience working with Fortune 500 executives and small businesses. He is the founder and President of an investment club comprising entrepreneurs and businesspeople.He can be reached at jcardisesq@snip.net

SAM KIRSCHNER, PhD, is an internationally recognized management consultant and psychologist who has served as a director on the boards of both publicly held and private companies. Contact him at skirsch@hotmail.com

STAN RICHELSON serves as a comprehensive financial planner, business advisor, and coach, integrating the fields of investments, law, tax, and accounting to provide solutions to complex problems. He can be reached at stanrichelson@aol.com

JASON KIRSCHNER (jason.kirschner@yale.edu) is a senior at Yale University.

HILDY RICHELSON, PhD, is President of the Scarsdale Investment Group, Ltd. as well as a nationally recognized bond advisor and financial author. Contact her at richelson@aol.com
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