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Bill Gates Speaks: Insight from the World's Greatest Entrepreneur

ISBN: 978-0-471-40169-8
272 pages
January 2001
Bill Gates Speaks: Insight from the World


Love him or hate him, Bill Gates has single-handedly shaped the technological future of the twenty-first century. Created through the independent research of bestselling author Janet Lowe, Bill Gates Speaks documents the life and ambitions of one of the world's most unique business and cultural leaders. The only book to compile Gates' actual words-culled from articles, newscasts, and interviews-this profile reveals what Gates has to say on everything from financing a start-up to running a conglomerate, developing technology, to raising a family.
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Table of Contents


Growing Up Gates.

Heading Off on the Conventional Road.

Back on the High-Tech Highway.

The Gatesian Management Style.

The Microsoft Business Model.

The Computer Wars.

Microsoft Mistakes.

Attack the Future.

Others Say.

Living at the Pinnacle.

Little Time for Love.

The New Computer Culture.

Gates on Life.

The Bottom Line.

The Bill Gates Time Line.

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Author Information

Janet Lowe is the author of the bestselling Warren Buffett Speaks, Jack Welch Speaks, Benjamin Graham on Value Investing, Oprah Winfrey Speaks, and many others (all available from Wiley). Her articles have appeared in such publications as Newsweek, the Christian Science Monitor, the Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Ms. Lowe lives in Del Mar, California, with her husband, Austin Lynas.
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