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Water Boundaries: Demystifying Land Boundaries Adjacent to Tidal or Navigable Waters

ISBN: 978-0-471-40391-3
448 pages
December 2001
Water Boundaries: Demystifying Land Boundaries Adjacent to Tidal or Navigable Waters (0471403911) cover image
A unique, practical guide to watercourse law

This comprehensive guide offers complete, readable explanations of the legal issues and evidence procedures related to the location of the property boundaries of lands adjacent to watercourses.

Beginning with a clear examination of the basics of land title and the legal principles defining property boundary movement, it discusses property boundary determination for a broad range of different watercourse environments-including open ocean coast, estuarine areas, tidal rivers, non-tidal rivers and navigable streams, and navigable lakes. This book will equip readers with:
* A basic understanding of the land title and boundary system
* A framework for analyzing disputes about the boundary of property adjacent to a waterbody tailored to the specifics of each type of physical regime
* Insight to recognize when expert consultation is required to resolve a dispute and how to make the consultation useful and productive
* Case studies illustrating the actual application of the laws discussed

Because of its extensive information and easy-to-use format, Water Boundaries is the ideal resource for surveyors and lawyers confronted with riparian or littoral property boundary issues.
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Table of Authorities.

The Basics of Land Title.

What is the Choice-of-Law?

Basic Legal Principles Defining Property Boundary Movement.

Property Boundary Determination Along the Open Ocean Coast.

Property Boundary Determination in Estuarine Areas.

Title and Boundary Determination in Tidal River Regimes.

Property Boundary Determination Along Navigable, Non-Tidal Rivers and Streams.

Property Boundary and Title Determination on Navigable Lakes.


Appendix A.

Appendix B.

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BRUCE S. FLUSHMAN is a member of the firm of Washburn, Briscoe & McCarthy, PC.
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"The author's interesting and lively presentation makes the book attractive as a possible addition to the professional bookshelf." (Journal of Water Resources, December 2002)
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