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The Risk Management Process: Business Strategy and Tactics

ISBN: 978-0-471-40554-2
624 pages
April 2001
The Risk Management Process: Business Strategy and Tactics (047140554X) cover image


Integrates essential risk management practices with practical corporate business strategies

Focusing on educating readers on how to integrate risk management with corporate business strategy-not just on hedging practices—The Risk Management Process is the first financial risk management book that combines a detailed, big picture discussion of firm-wide risk management with a comprehensive discussion of derivatives-based hedging strategies and tactics.

An essential component of any corporate business strategy today, risk management has become a mainstream business process at the highest level of the world's largest financial institutions, corporations, and investment management groups. Addressing the need for a well-balanced book on the subject, respected leader and teacher on the subject Christopher Culp has produced a well-balanced, comprehensive reference text for a broad audience of financial institutions and agents, nonfinancial corporations, and institutional investors.

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Table of Contents



The Nature of Risk.

Risk Aversion, Insurance, and Hedging.

The Irrelevance of Corporate Financing and Risk Management Decisions.

Increasing Expected Cash Flows or Reducing the Cost of Capital by Managing Risk.

Reducing Conflicts between Security Holders and Managers by Managing Risk.

Reducing Conflicts amongst Security Holders by Managing Risk.

Controlling and Exploiting Informational Asymmetries by Managing Risk.

Value versus Cash Flow versus Earnings Risk Management.

Total versus Selective Risk Management.


Risk Culture and Risk Management Business Models.

Integrating People, Technology, and Processes through Enterprise-Wide Risk Management.

Identifying Market Risk Exposures and Defining Risk Tolerances.

Spot, Forward, and Forward-Like Exposures.

Identifying Option, Option-Like, and Real Option Exposures.

Measuring and Monitoring Market Risk.

Identifying, Measuring, and Monitoring Credit Risk.

Identifying, Measuring, and Monitoring Liquidity Risk.

Identifying, Measuring, and Monitoring Operational Risk.

Identifying and Managing Legal Risk.


Ex Ante Capital Allocation.

Ex Post Performance Measurement and Compensation.

Internal Controls.

Tactical Risk Control with Derivatives.

Tactical Risk Control through Actual and Synthetic Asset Divestitures.

Strategic Risk Control with Structured Liabilities.

Insurance and ART.



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Author Information

CHRISTOPHER L. CULP is Managing Director at CP Risk Management LLC in Chicago and is also Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago. A former president of Risk Management Consulting Services, Inc. and senior examiner in the Supervision and Regulation Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Dr. Culp is a managing editor of Derivatives Quarterly and Senior Fellow in Financial Regulation with the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. Dr. Culp holds a PhD in finance from the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago and a BA in economics from Johns Hopkins University.
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