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Radical E: From GE to Enron--Lessons on How to Rule the Web

ISBN: 978-0-471-41047-8
224 pages
April 2001
Radical E: From GE to Enron--Lessons on How to Rule the Web (0471410470) cover image


Be an online success story with the built-to-last Internet strategies used by today's leading e-businesses
  • General Electric Plastics
  • Enron
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Nortel Networks
  • David Bowie (DavidBowie.com)
  • General Motors
  • Southwest
  • Airlines
  • Progressive
  • Staples

"The Networked Economy is not about overfunded, overvalued start-ups run by recently minted MBAs. It is about the biggest business opportunity in decades. Radical E skips the hype (thank God) and gets right to the strategies and ideas that matter. It's packed with insider information on how smart managers are reshaping their thinking to take advantage of the Web, the most powerful business tool in our lifetime."
—James Daly, Editor in Chief, Business2.0 magazine

"In Radical E, Kurtzman and Rifkin invite us to 'learn from the best' nine players who did e-business right by combining traditional business methods with innovative thinking and ignoring the hype. The case studies are fascinating; the lessons, widely applicable. These nine did it right. In Radical E, Kurtzman and Rifkin show us how."
—Shailesh Mehta, CEO, Providian Financial

"Radical E is reason for rational exuberance. At last, a provocative yet pragmatic guidebook for global 2000 companies rushing to cross the chasm to bona fide e-businesses in one leap."
—Michael Ruettgers, Executive Chairman, EMC Corporation

"Radical E reveals the winning strategies of companies who have successfully embraced the Web. The authors examine exactly what it takes to survive in today's competitive online economy-from the tough decisions to the amazing innovations. This book will help you learn today's new rules."
—George Conrades, CEO, Akamai

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Table of Contents


Introduction: A Radical Start.

The New Rules.

GE Plastics-Making the Internet Part of the Culture.

Enron-Redefining Yourself through New Markets.

Victoria's Secret-It's the Brand, Offline and Online.

Nortel-Agility, Not Speed, Fuels Success.

David Bowie-An Interactive Community That Rocks.

GM-Finding a Catalyst for Shaking Tradition.

Southwest Airlines-Simplicity Wins, Complexity Confuses.

Progressive-Innovation Driven by Pragmatism.

Staples-Multiple Channels Mean Repeat Customers.

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Author Information

JOEL KURTZMAN is Global Lead Partner for Thought Leadership at PricewaterhouseCoopers, the world's largest professional services firm. He is the former editor of the Harvard Business Review and of Strategy & Business and a former columnist at The New York Times. Kurtzman is the author of sixteen books, including The Death of Money, and has consulted to some of the world's largest companies.
GLENN RIFKIN is the coauthor of Radical Marketing: From Harvard to Harley, Lessons from Ten That Broke the Rules and Made It Big. He is a veteran business journalist, business commentator, and sought-after speaker who spent nearly a decade reporting and writing for The New York Times.
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As recent events demonstrate, identifying and exploiting opportunities in today's economy demands focus, diligence, patience, and a keen ability to plot a smart course through uncertainty. This month, a range of new books offers much-needed perspective on navigating the choppy waters of modern-day business.
Joel Kurtzman and Glen Rifkin's Radical E explores the failed promises and untapped potential of e-commerce in the wake of the dotcom meltdown. The authors, both New York Times writers, open with the once-shocking premise that the real story of the Internet rests not with startups and stratospheric market valuations, but with so-called old-economy companies that "turned left when everyone around them was turning right," thus capitalizing on new technological possibilities and gaining competitive advantage. Kurtzman and Rifkin examine how such players such as Victoria's Secret and Southwest Airlines embraced the Internet through a combination of established business methods and innovative online offerings, presenting key strategic lessons for those operating across a range of industries. The bottom line: Success in Internet commerce will come more arduously than once imagined, but its fruits are real, bountiful, and worth the effort. (eCompany, June 2001)

"...offers an impressive selection of case studies..." (Information Age, September 2001)

"If you like to impress management and the consultants this might be the read you need..." (Freelance Informer, 5 October, 2001)
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