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Focus on Leadership: Servant-Leadership for the Twenty-First Century

Larry C. Spears (Editor), Michele Lawrence (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-41162-8
416 pages
November 2001
Focus on Leadership: Servant-Leadership for the Twenty-First Century (0471411620) cover image
This collection of inspiring essays focuses on the practice of servant-leadership in organizational and business settings. Focus on Leadership addresses how servant-leadership is now increasingly recognized as being on the forefront of emerging leadership thinking. This book features a Foreword by Ken Blanchard as well as writing from:

Hamilton Beazley * Julie Beggs * Warren Bennis * Ken Blanchard * John C. Bogle * Rubye Howard Braye * John Burkhardt * John Carver * Stephen R. Covey * Max DePree * K. Brian Dorval * Kent A. Farnsworth * Tamyra L. Freeman * Robert K. Greenleaf * Dee Hock * Scott G. Isaksen * Joseph Jaworski * Michael Jones * Ann McGee-Cooper * Russ S. Moxley * Nancy Larner Ruschman * John P. Schuster * James D. Showkeir * Ruth Mercedes Smith * Larry C. Spears * Duane Trammell * David S. Young * Scott W. Webster * Margaret Wheatley * Judy Wicks * Lea E. Williams * Danah Zohar
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Foreword: The Heart of Servant-Leadership (K. Blanchard).


Introduction: Tracing the Past, Present, and Future of Servant-Leadership (L. Spears).


Essentials of Servant-Leadership (R. Greenleaf).

Servant-Leadership and Community Leadership in the Twenty-First Century (S. Covey).

Servant-Leadership and the Imaginative Life (M. Jones).

Leadership as Partnership (R. Moxley).

Teaching Servant-Leadership (H. Beazley & J. Beggs).

Fannie Lou Hamer, Servant of the People (L. Williams).

Servant-Leadership: Three Things Necessary (M. DePree).


Become a Tomorrow Leader (W. Bennis).

Servant-Leadership and Rewiring the Corporate Brain (D. Zohar).

Servant-Leadership and the Best Companies to Work For in America (N. Ruschman).

From Hero-as-Leader to Servant-as-Leader (A. Cooper & D. Trammell).

The Business Case for Servant-Leadership (J. Showkeir).

On the Right Side of History (J. Bogle).


The Unique Double Servant-Leadership Role of the Board Chair (J. Carver).

Servant-Leadership in Community Colleges (R. Smith & K. Farnsworth).

Servant-Leadership and Philanthropic Institutions (J. Burkhardt & L. Spears).

Foresight: The Lead That the Leader Has (D. Young).

Servant-Leadership and Creativity (T. Freeman, et al.).

Table for Six Billion, Please (J. Wicks).


Synchronicity and Servant-Leadership (J. Jaworski).

Servant-Leadership: Leading in Today's Military (R. Braye).

Leadership and the Chaordic Age (D. Hock).

Servant-Leadership, Public Leadership: Wrestling with an American Paradox (S. Webster).

Servant-Leadership and the New Economy (J. Schuster).

The Work of the Servant-Leader (M. Wheatley).

Afterword: A Remembrance of Robert K. Greenleaf (L. Spears).


About the Editors and the Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership.

Permissions and Copyrights.

Recommended Reading.

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LARRY C. SPEARS is the Chief Executive Officer of The Robert K. Greenleaf Center, which was founded in 1969 and originally called the Center for Applied Ethics. The Center's mission is to carry the message of servant-leadership originated by Greenleaf, who was the Director of Management Research at AT&T, where he worked for thirty-eight years. Mr. Spears is also the editor of Insights on Leadership and Reflections on Leadership (both from Wiley).

MICHELE LAWRENCE has been with the Greenleaf Center since 1993, working in many programmatic capacities, including directing their annual international conference and editing their quarterly newsletter.
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