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The Geography Book: Activities for Exploring, Mapping, and Enjoying Your World

ISBN: 978-0-471-41236-6
112 pages
November 2001, Jossey-Bass
The Geography Book: Activities for Exploring, Mapping, and Enjoying Your World (0471412368) cover image
Get to Know the Earth's Many Forms with Dozens of Fun and Easy Projects

From finding directions by the stars, to mapping your neighborhood, to making an earthquake in a box, you'll have a great time learning about the world with The Geography Book. You'll find out how to determine location on the Earth, how maps can provide us with a wide range of information, how different landforms were created, how water has helped shape the Earth, and much more.

Using simple materials you'll be able to find around the house or in your neighborhood, you'll be able to create things like a giant compass rose, a balloon globe, a contour potato, a map puzzle, and a tornado in a jar. So get ready for a fascinating trip around the globe.
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Introduction: What Is Geography?


1. Which Way Is North?

Activity: Star Directions.

2. The Magnetic Poles.

Activity: Using a Compass.

3. Compass Rose.

Activity: Make a Giant Compass Rose.

Activity: Compass Rose Race.

4. Latitude and Longitude.

Activity: Exactly North, South, East, and West.


5. The Earth Is Round.

Activity: A Balloon Globe.

6. Making the Round Earth Flat.

Activity: Orange Peel Experiment.

Activity: Stretching the Globe.

7. Time Zones of the World.

Activity: Make a World Clock.

8. Maps to Scale.

Activity: Make a Room Plan.

9. Photo Maps.

Activity: Make a Panoramic Photo.

10. Map Keys Unlock Map Secrets.

Activity: The Key to Your Neighborhood.

11. Relief Maps.

Activity: Make a 3-D Map.

12. Color-Coded and Contour Maps.

Activity: Contour Potato.

13. Road Maps.

Activity: Planning a Trip.

14. Weather Maps.

Activity: Weather Magnets.

15. Dot Maps.

Activity: State Population Map.

16. Old and New Maps.

Activity: Buried Treasure.


17. The Continents.

Activity: Map Puzzle.

18. Earthquakes.

Activity: Earthquake in a Box.

19. Volcanoes.

Activity: Frosting Lava.

20. High Places and Low Places.

Activity: Mountains of the World.

21. How to Measure a Mountain.

Activity: How High Is It?

22. Valleys and Canyons.

Activity: Preventing Erosion.

23. Where the Land Meets the Sea.

Activity: Islands in a Tub.


24. Oceans, Seas, and Lakes.

Activity: Making Salt Crystals.

25. Rivers and Streams.

Activity: How Does the Water Flow?

26. Waterfalls, Rapids, and Other Fast Water.

Activity: Water Wheel.

27. Hit the Beach.

Activity: Sand Pictures.

28. Dams and Reservoirs.

Activity: Building a Better Dam.

29. The Water Cycle.

Activity: Make a Rain Gauge.

30. Glaciers, Ice Sheets, and Icebergs.

Activity: Icebergs and Sea Level.


31. Atmospheric Pressure.

Activity: Collapsing Bottle.

32. The Sun Keeps Us Warm.

Activity: Angle of the Sun.

33. Energy from the Sun.

Activity: Solar Water Heater.

34. The Greenhouse Effect.

Activity: Mini-Greenhouse.

35. Rising Air.

Activity: Twirling Snake.

36. The Wind.

Activity: Weather Vane.

37. Hurricanes and Tornadoes.

Activity: Tornado in a Jar.

38. Using the Wind.

Activity: Pinwheel.


For Further Reading and More Projects.

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CAROLINE ARNOLD is an award-winning author of many children's books, including Australian Animals, South American Animals, and Easter Island.
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