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Backyard Pets: Activities for Exploring Wildlife Close to Home

ISBN: 978-0-471-41693-7
128 pages
March 2002, Jossey-Bass
Backyard Pets: Activities for Exploring Wildlife Close to Home (0471416932) cover image
Get to know the amazing creatures right outside your door!

What do toads like to eat? Why do crickets sing? Why does a firefly glow? If you've ever longed to know more about the habits of the animals and insects that live in your backyard, here's the book you've been waiting for! With Backyard Pets, you'll find out how to catch and care for lots of different, easy-to-find critters, from terrific toads to slithering slugs. You'll perform all sorts of investigations and activities, including discovering how snails eat and how caterpillars protect themselves, before you return your newly found pets safely to their natural home. And you'll even find out how to attract birds and butterflies to homemade feeders and gardens so that you can observe them every day as they go about their amazing lives.

As you take care of your pets, you'll learn how to interpret fireflies' signals; how to entice worms from their burrows with sound; and how to make birdfeeders, hummingbird gardens, and toad abodes. Along the way, you'll discover lots of fascinating facts about the lives of these clever critters-from what their favorite foods are to how they see, hear, and move, and even how they help the environment.
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1. Slimy Snails and Slithery Slugs.

2. Terrific Toads.

3. Wriggling Worms.

4. Chirping Crickets.

5. Crawly Caterpillars.

6. Flashing Fireflies.


7. Bird Feeding and Housing.

8. Hovering Hummingbirds.

9. Butterfly Gardening.


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CAROL A. AMATO is a nature science educator, language-learning specialist, and nature writer.
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