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zOS JCL (Job Control Language), 5th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-42673-8
800 pages
October 2002
zOS JCL (Job Control Language), 5th Edition (0471426733) cover image


  • Discusses new features provided by zOS, such as improved security, support for Intelligent Resource Director, and support for a 64-bit real storage.
  • Explains how the system configuration in zOS is made easier by a new interface that uses wizards to input desired settings.
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Table of Contents


Job Control Language Parameters


Introduction to JCL and z/OS

JCL within a Job

JCL Statement Formats and Rules

The JOB Statement

The EXEC Statement

The DD Statement

More on the DD Statement

DD Statements for Input Stream and Print Data Sets

Direct-Access Storage Devices

SMS: Storage Management Subsystem

Magnetic Tapes

JES2 and JES3

Cataloged and Instream Procedures

Generation Data Groups

Miscellaneous JCL Features

VSAM Data Sets

The Linkage Editor and Loader

IBM Utility Programs





Hierarchical File System (HFS) Files

JCL and the Internet

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Author Information

GARY DeWARD BROWN is a computer consultant and author of nine Wiley books. He was a cofounder and principal software author of Crwth Computer Courseware. Brown began his programming career with Douglas Aircraft, and then worked for the Rand Corporation. He has also been an instructor in comparative programming languages for UCLA's Engineering College.
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