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WAN Survival Guide: Strategies for VPNs and Multiservice Networks

ISBN: 978-0-471-43755-0
448 pages
May 2001
WAN Survival Guide: Strategies for VPNs and Multiservice Networks (0471437557) cover image


Ensure that your WAN can handle the latest technologies with this must-have strategy guide

If a Wide Area Network (WAN) isn't set up properly, it won't be able to meet the needs of the applications being used in the Local Area Network (LAN). And with the emergence of new technologies such as VPNs, multi-service networks, and the mobility of corporate users, the costs involved with running a WAN have changed dramatically. Written by an expert on WAN design, this book provides a comprehensive strategy for choosing the best technologies available for your WAN. It includes analysis of business requirements for WANs, end-user and service provider requirements, and the capabilities and tradeoffs of the available technologies. The book also covers the realities and limitations of QoS, security, multi-service networks, virtual networks, VPNs, multi-homing, roaming, and mobility.
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Table of Contents

What Is the Problem You Are Trying to Solve?

Policies and Workloads.

Quality of Service.

Basic Services.

Virtualizing in Modern Networks.

Carrier Infrastructure and Optical Networking.

Fault Tolerance.

VPNs, Security, and Roaming.


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Author Information

HOWARD C. BERKOWITZ is a product architect for next-generation routing products and operational tools at Nortel Networks. The author of several RFCs, Berkowitz has presented at many trade shows since 1975 and has written for many trade publications. He is technical director for CertificationZone, a Cisco technology review site, and also the author of two books on networking. LYMAN CHAPIN-Chief Scientist at BBN Technologies, CTO for GTE Technology Organization, and founding trustee of the Internet Society SCOTT BRADNER-Senior Consultant for Harvard University, Transport Area Director of the IETF, trustee of the Internet Society, and ISOC VP of Standards VINTON CERF-Senior Vice President for Internet Architecture and Technology at MCI WorldCom, founding President of the Internet Society, and co-inventor of TCP/IP
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