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ProgramLive Workbook and CD

ISBN: 978-0-471-44158-8
368 pages
August 2001, ©2002
ProgramLive Workbook and CD (0471441589) cover image


A resource like no other. ProgramLive is a Multimedia, Java-Based "livetext" on Programming. Combining animation, graphics, hypertext, and narration, ProgramLive provides hands-on instruction in Java and object-oriented programming, tutorials on the major IDEs, and access to many sample Java programs. Your students control the pace as they work through more than 300 activities, 500 minutes of high-quality recorded audio, and 70 hours of instruction.

In addition, the ProgramLive CD is complemented by the programLive Companion. The Companion is a 300 page text that facilitates practice and structured note taking. The Companion also contains a comprehensive list of API specifications, making it an invaluable resource to students who want to get into the depths of the Java language.

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Table of Contents

0: Introduction to livetexts

I: On to Java
  1. Introduction to Java
II: Methods
  1. Methods and method calls
III: Classes and types
  1. Classes
  2. Subclasses and inheritance
  3. Some useful classes
  4. Primitive types
IV: Additional Java constructs
  1. Loops
  2. Arrays
  3. Multi-dimensional arrays
  4. Exception handling
  5. Packages
  6. Interfaces
V: Aspects of programming
  1. Programming style
  2. Testing and debugging
  3. Recursion
  4. Applets
  5. GUIs and event-driven programming
VI: Appendices
  1. The CodeWarrior IDE for Java
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Hands-on instruction in Java and object-oriented programming
  • A mixture of media satisfies all learning preferences
  • Nearly 300 activities provide 70 hours of instruction
  • Instant access to many sample Java programs

ProgramLive is designed to teach programming the way that most people learn. The difficulty of learning programming from lectures may well account for the widespread bad experiences students have with the introductory programming course. ProgramLive addresses these difficulties in several ways:

  • Each individual concept or method is explained, visualized (usually with interactive hands-on animation), demonstrated, and reinforced with a review, simulation, or exercise.
  • Learning pace is under the learner's control. You can pause any activity, repeat any section, or repeat the entire activity as often as you wish.
  • Extensive navigation aides keep you oriented within the course. You always know what you have already covered, what you are currently learning, and what you are about to cover.
  • Many lessons employ discovery learning. You discover concepts for yourself by working with an appropriately designed visualization or simulation tool. Concepts discovered yourself are much easier to recall and to integrate with what you already understand.
  • Most activities use several communication channels to convey ideas. Narration is synchronized with the animated appearance of words and formulas or movement by a visualization tool.
  • For those who prefer to read and for those for whom English is not a primary language, all narration is available (optionally) on screen and can also be printed for future use when not around a computer.

ProgramLive Tutorial
To learn more about how ProgamLive works and answers to commonly asked questions check out http://www.datadesk.com/ProgramLive/

Technical Information:
ProgramLive runs on Mac (7.5 and better) and Windows (95/98/00/NT) Operating Systems. It requires a computer with a 2X CD drive or better, at least 16 MB of RAM, and a sound card. It also requires a monitor that supports at least 256 colors and at least 800 x 600 resolution.

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Read a review of ProgramLive in the University of Georgia's Columns: Campus News (http://www.uga.edu/columns/001106/campnews1.html).
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