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Global Positioning Systems, Inertial Navigation, and Integration

ISBN: 978-0-471-46386-3
416 pages
April 2004
Global Positioning Systems, Inertial Navigation, and Integration (0471463868) cover image


The only comprehensive guide to Kalman filtering and its applications to real-world GPS/INS problems

Written by recognized authorities in the field, this book provides engineers, computer scientists, and others with a working familiarity with the theory and contemporary applications of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Inertial Navigational Systems, and Kalman filters. Throughout, the focus is on solving real-world problems, with an emphasis on the effective use of state-of-the-art integration techniques for those systems, especially the application of Kalman filtering. To that end, the authors explore the various subtleties, common failures, and inherent limitations of the theory as it applies to real-world situations, and provide numerous detailed application examples and practice problems, including GPS-aided INS, modeling of gyros and accelerometers, and WAAS and LAAS.

Drawing upon their many years of experience with GPS, INS, and the Kalman filter, the authors present numerous design and implementation techniques not found in other professional references, including original techniques for:
* Representing the problem in a mathematical model
* Analyzing the performance of the GPS sensor as a function of model parameters
* Implementing the mechanization equations in numerically stable algorithms
* Assessing computation requirements
* Testing the validity of results
* Monitoring GPS, INS, and Kalman filter performance in operation

In order to enhance comprehension of the subjects covered, the authors have included software in MATLAB, demonstrating the workings of the GPS, INS, and filter algorithms. In addition to showing the Kalman filter in action, the software also demonstrates various practical aspects of finite word length arithmetic and the need for alternative algorithms to preserve result accuracy.

An Instructor's Manual presenting detailed solutions to all the problems in the book is available from the Wiley editorial department.

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Table of Contents





Fundamentals of Satellite and Inertial Navigation.

Signal Characteristics and Information Extraction.

Receiver and Antenna Design.

GPS Data Errors.

Inertial Navigation.

Kalman Filter Basics.

Kalman Filter Engineering.

Differential GPS.

Appendix A: Software.

Appendix B: Vectors and Matrices.

Appendix C: Coordinate Transformations.



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Author Information

MOHINDER S. GREWAL, PhD, PE, is Professor of Electrical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton.

LAWRENCE R. WEILL, PhD, is Professor of Applied Mathematics in the College of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at California State University, Fullerton.

ANGUS P. ANDREWS, PhD, is Senior Scientist at the Rockwell Science Center in Thousand Oaks, California.

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The Wiley Advantage

  • An Instructor's Manual presenting detailed solutions to all the problems in the book is available from the Wiley editorial department. 
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"…reading this book is a joy…Engineers can benefit from this book with regard to designing novel GPSs." (Computing Reviews.com, September 13, 2007)

"A text for an introductory course in the technology at the senior or first-level graduate level that practicing engineers and scientists could also use for self-study." (SciTech Book News, Vol. 25, No. 4, December 2001)

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