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An Introduction to Human Molecular Genetics: Mechanisms of Inherited Diseases, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-47426-5
660 pages
June 2005, ©2005
An Introduction to Human Molecular Genetics: Mechanisms of Inherited Diseases, 2nd Edition (0471474266) cover image


An Introduction to Human Molecular Genetics
Second Edition
Jack J. Pasternak
The Second Edition of this internationally acclaimed text expands its coverage of the molecular genetics of inherited human diseases with the latest research findings and discoveries. Using a unique, systems-based approach, the text offers readers a thorough explanation of the gene discovery process and how defective genes are linked to inherited disease states in major organ and tissue systems. All the latest developments in functional genomics, proteomics, and microarray technology have been thoroughly incorporated into the text.
The first part of the text introduces readers to the fundamentals of cytogenetics and Mendelian genetics. Next, techniques and strategies for gene manipulation, mapping, and isolation are examined. Readers will particularly appreciate the text's exceptionally thorough and clear explanation of genetic mapping. The final part features unique coverage of the molecular genetics of distinct biological systems, covering muscle, neurological, eye, cancer, and mitochondrial disorders. Throughout the text, helpful figures and diagrams illustrate and clarify complex material.
Readers familiar with the first edition will recognize the text's same lucid and engaging style, and will find a wealth of new and expanded material that brings them fully up to date with a current understanding of the field, including:
* New chapters on complex genetic disorders, genomic imprinting, and human population genetics
* Expanded and fully revised section on clinical genetics, covering diagnostic testing, molecular screening, and various treatments
This text is targeted at upper-level undergraduate students, graduate students, and medical students. It is also an excellent reference for researchers and physicians who need a clinically relevant reference for the molecular genetics of inherited human diseases.
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Table of Contents


Preface to the First Edition.

Chapter 1. Understanding Human Disease.

Chapter 2. the Genetic System: Chromosomes.

Chapter 3. the Genetic System: Mendel's Laws of Inheritance and Genetic Linkage.

Chapter 4. The Molecular Biology of the Gene.

Chapter 5. Recombinant DNA Technology.

Chapter 6. Genetic and Physical Mapping of the Human Genome.

Chapter 7. Discovering Human Disease Genes.

Chapter 8. Bioinformatics: Genomics, Functional Genomics, and Proteomics.

Chapter 9. Human Population Genetics.

Chapter 10. Molecular Genetics of Complex Disorders.

Chapter 11. Genomic Imprinting: An Epigenetic Modification.

Chapter 12. Molecular Genetics of Mitochondrial Disorders.

Chapter 13. Molecular Genetics of Muscle Disorders.

Chapter 14. Molecular Genetics of Neurological Disorders.

Chapter 15. Molecular Genetics of the Eye.

Chapter 16. Molecular Genetics of Cancer Syndromes.

Chapter 17. Counseling, Diagnostic Testing, and Management of Genetic Disorders.



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Author Information

Dr. Jack J. Pasternak received his Ph.D. from Indiana University and is now Professor Emeritus at the University of Waterloo. He has authored or co-authored several textbooks, including Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA.
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"With over 600 pages, this book provides students and professionals in life sciences, pharmacy and biochemistry with all they need to know about molecular biotechnology." (NewsRx, 30 September 2011)

"...very readable...I would recommend this text to students studying human molecular genetics as well as those involved in their instruction." (American Journal of Medical Genetics, June 15, 2006)

"...tailor-made to address...[the] need for a textbook...more focused on the nature and characterization of common, classical genetic diseases...an excellent book that will be applicable to a wide range of students." (The Quarterly Review of Biology, June 2006)

"An excellent course book or text to read for updating the established investigator." (American Journal of Therapeutics, March/April 2006)

"This book would make a worthy addition to any geneticist's library." (Clinical Chemistry, February 2006)

"The abundance of clearly presented information renders this textbook a chef d'oeuvre." (New England Journal of Medicine, January 5, 2006)

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