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Drug Delivery: Principles and Applications

ISBN: 978-0-471-47571-2
464 pages
May 2005
Drug Delivery: Principles and Applications (0471475718) cover image


An indispensable tool for those working at the front lines of new drug development
Written for busy professionals at the forefront of new drug development, Drug Delivery gets readers quickly up to speed on both the principles and latest applications in the increasingly important field of drug delivery.
Recent developments in such areas as combinatorial chemistry, proteomics, and genomics have revolutionized researchers' ability to rapidly identify and synthesize new pharmacological compounds. However, delivery-related properties remain a significant reason for clinical trial failures.
Bringing together contributions by leading international experts, Drug Delivery covers the entire field in a systematic but concise way. It begins with an in-depth review of key fundamentals, such as physiochemical and biological barriers; drug delivery pathways; metabolism; drug formulation; pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic issues; and more. The remainder of the book is devoted to the systematic examination-including overviews, timely examples, and extensive references-of a host of specific subjects, including:
* Receptor-mediated drug delivery
* Prodrug delivery approaches
* Oral protein and peptide drug delivery
* Gene therapy and gene delivery
* Ultrasound-mediated drug delivery
* Polycationic peptides and proteins in drug delivery
* Pulmonary drug delivery
* Antibody-directed drug delivery
* Efflux transporters in drug excretion
* Intellectual property issues in drug delivery
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Table of Contents


List of Contributors.

1. Factors that Impact the Developability of Drug Candidates-An Overview (Chao Han and Binghe Wang).

2. Chemical, Biochemical, and Physiological Barriers to Oral Drug Delivery (Teruna Siahaan).

3. Pathways for Drug Delivery to the Central Nervous System (Yan Zhang and Donald W. Miller).

4. Physiochemical Properties, Formulation and Drug Delivery (E. Munson).

5. Targeted Bioavailability: A Fresh Look at Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Issues in Drug Delivery (William F. Elmquist).

6. Pre-Systemic and First-pass Metabolism (W. Griffith Humphreys).

7. Cell Culture Models for Drug Transport Studies (D. Nedra Karunaratne, Peter S. Silverstein, Veena Vasabdabi, Amber M. Young, Erik Rytting, Bradley Yops and Kenneth L. Audus).

8. Prodrug Approaches to Drug Delivery (Longqin Hu).

9. Receptor-Mediated Drug Delivery (Chirstopher P. Leamon and Philip S. Low).

10. Oral Protein and Peptide Drug Delivery (Rick Soltero).

11. Metabolic Activation and Drug Targeting (Xiangming Guan).

12. Ultrasound Mediated Drug Delivery (Ka-yun Ng’ and Terry O. Matsunaga).

13. Polycationic Peptides and Proteins in Drug Delivery: Focus on Non-Classical Transport (Lisa A. Kueltzo and C. Russell Middaugh).

14. Gene Therapy and Gene Delivery (Naoki Kobayashi, Makiya Nishikawa and Yoshinobu Takakura).

15. Parenteral Formulations for Peptide and Protein Delivery, and Monoclone Antibody Drugs (John Bontempo).

16. Pulmonary Drug Delivery – Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Aerosol Technology (Anthony J. Hickey).

17. Antibody-Directed Drug Delivery (Hervé Le Calvez, John Mountzouris, Kosi Gramatikoff and Fang Fang).

18. Efflux Transporters in Drug Excretion (Shuzhong Zhang and Marilyn E. Morris).

19. Liposome as Drug Delivery Vehicles (Guijun Wang).

20. Regulatory and IP Issues in Drug Delivery Research (Shihong Nicolaou).


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Author Information

BINGHE WANG, PhD, is a professor and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Drug Discovery, and Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Cancer Scientist in the Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University. He is Editor in Chief of Medicinal Research Reviews and a member of the Long-Range Planning Committee of the American Chemical Society, Division of Medicinal Chemistry.

TERUNA SIAHAAN, PhD, is a professor in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, University of Kansas, and a Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

RICHARD A. SOLTERO, PhD, President of PharmaDirections, Inc., is an executive- level scientist with extensive experience managing multisite and multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology labs.

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“…this text provides an excellent overview…” (Chemistry & Industry, No 24, 19th December 2005)

“…a concise but highly readable text…I recommend this well presented and well written book…” (Chemistry World, Vol. 2 (10), October 2005)

"...the broad overview of drug delivery technology presented in this book makes it well suited as a reference volume…" (E-STREAMS, September 2005)

"…systematically examines various subject areas important to drug delivery." (Drug Discovery & Development, June 2005)

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