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VB .NET in 60 Minutes a Day

ISBN: 978-0-471-48101-0
720 pages
October 2003
VB .NET in 60 Minutes a Day (0471481017) cover image


  • Professional Visual Basic .NET skills are in heavy demand since it's often the easiest and fastest way to connect the many components that are required in an enterprise-level application
  • Includes thirty one-hour lessons that recreate a typical week-long introductory seminar
  • Covers the critical information that every VB .NET developer should know
  • The author has written more than thirty courses in application development, messaging, and network development and is currently training for AutoDesk
  • Companion Web site features an online presentation by the author that follows along with each chapter and includes an audio-only option for readers with dial-up Internet connection
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Table of Contents


About the Authors.


Part One: The .NET Experience.

Chapter 1: Nothing but .NET.

Chapter 2: Building Visual Basic .NET Windows Applications.

Chapter 3: Examining Visual Basic .NET.

Chapter 4: Debugging and Exception Handling.

Part Two: Middle-Tier Development in .NET.

Chapter 5: Advanced .NET Windows Applications.

Chapter 6: Building Class Libraries in .NET.

Chapter 7: Extending Visual Basic .NET Classes.

Chapter 8: Implementation Inheritance.

Chapter 9: Interfaces and Polymorphism.

Chapter 10: Data Access in .NET.

Chapter 11: Memory Management and Performance Monitoring.

Chapter 12: Threading.

Part Three: Web Technologies in .NET.

Chapter 13: ASP.NET.

Chapter 14: Data Control and XML in Web Applications.

Chapter 15: XML Web Services.

Part Four: Distribution and Interoperability in .NET.

Chapter 16: Interoperability.

Chapter 17: Mobile Internet Toolkit.

Chapter 18: Localization and Globalization.

Chapter 19: Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET Migration.

Chapter 20: Distributing .NET Projects.

Appendix A: Installing .NET.

Appendix B: About the 60 Minutes Web Site.

Appendix C: Glossary.


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Author Information

BRUCE BARSTOW provides technical training and consulting services in a wide range of technologies spanning programming, network engineering, Internet/Intranet, and messaging solutions worldwide. He has authored more than thirty courses in application development, messaging, and network development and authored the Visual Basic 5.0 and Internet Explorer Administration Kit certification tests for Transcender Corporation, the leader in certification preparation tools.
Tony Martin is a Principal Software Engineer at Best Software, Inc. He creates software development processes and architecture, oversees and manages software development projects, and writes all sorts of code in Visual Basic and C++. He also teaches in-house courses to other programmers who want to learn .NET and what it has to offer.
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