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Voice of Reason: Why the Left and Right Are Wrong

Ronn Owens, Bill Press (Foreword by), Sean Hannity (Foreword by)
ISBN: 978-0-471-48282-6
272 pages
February 2004
Voice of Reason: Why the Left and Right Are Wrong (047148282X) cover image
Voice of Reason is a breath of fresh air in today’s toxic political climate, offering a positive message in dark times: that with reason, common sense, and pragmatism, we can find common ground between all Americans–left, right, and center. If you’re sick of the hyperactive bleating of the Ann Coulters and Michael Moores, and you’re ready for a straightforward and fair discussion of today’s biggest issues, there’s only one Voice of Reason out there.

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Foreword by Bill Press and Sean Hannity.



About the Author.

Chapter 1. Political Pragmatism is No Oxymoron.

Chapter 2. 9/11 and the Great Divide.

Chapter 3. If Both Extremes are Equally Obnoxious, Then Why is the Far Right Far More Appealing?

Chapter 4. Here's How to Win an Election.

Chapter 5. Political Pragmatism and the California Recall.

Chapter 6. Wedge Issues and the Middle Ground.

Chapter 7. Political Correctness and Other Slam Dunks.

Chapter 8. Common Sense Solutions to Everyday Issues.

Chapter 9. Politics and Popular Culture.

Chapter 10. Giving Voice to the Majority: A New Dimension in Politics.


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RONN OWENS is the host of the number one—rated talk radio show in Northern California, The Ronn Owens Program, on KGO-AM in San Francisco. With over 500,000 regular listeners, Owens is the only major-market radio personality who consistently beats Rush Limbaugh in the ratings. Talkers magazine named Owens one of the Top 25 Greatest Radio Talk Show Hosts of All Time.
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