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European Review of Social Psychology, Volume 12

Wolfgang Stroebe (Editor), Miles Hewstone (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-48675-6
360 pages
February 2002
European Review of Social Psychology, Volume 12 (0471486752) cover image


This annual series reflects the dynamism of social psychology in Europe and the attention now being paid to European ideas and research.

This review will further the international exchange of ideas by providing an outlet for substantial accounts of theoretical and empirical work

The most-up-to-date, authoritative view of contemporary social psychology today, encompassed in a indispensable reference text.
Geographical spread and theoretical diversity of authors to give broad coverage
The series has an experienced editorial board consisting of senior scholars from various European countries and the United States.
All chapters are carefully edited to give consistency and accessibility to an international exchange of information
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Table of Contents



Intention-Behaviour relations: A Conceptual and Empirical Review (Paschal Sheeran)

Ambivalence and Attitudes (Mark Connor and Paul Sparks)

Expanding the Assessment of Attitude Components and Structure: The Benefits of Open-ended Measures (Victoria M. Esses and Gregory R.Maio)

Shifting Standards and Contextual Variation in Steroptyping (Monica Biernat and Elizabeth R. Thompson)

A Group By Any Other Name -
The Role of Entitativity in Group Perception (David L. Hamilton, Steven J. Sherman and Luigi Castelli)

The Meaning and Consequences of Perceived Discrimination in Disadvantaged and Privileged Social Groups (Michael T. Schmitt and Nyla R. Branscombe)

Goal-based Explanations of Actions and Outcomes (John McClure)

The Self in Relationships: Whether, How and When Close Others Put the Self "in Its Place" (Constantine Sedikides, W. Keith Campbell, Glenn D. Reeder and Andrew J. Elliot)

Prospects, Pitfalls and Plans: A Proactive Perspective on Social Comparison Activity (Lisa G. Aspinwall, Douglas L. Hill and Samantha L. Leaf)

Social and Cognitive Influences in Group Brainstorming: Predicting Production Gains and Losses (Paul B. Paulus, Karen Leggett Dugosh, Mary T. Dzindolet, Hamit Coskun and Vicky L. Putnam.)

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