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Solid Mechanics in Engineering

ISBN: 978-0-471-49300-6
748 pages
November 2001, ©2001
Solid Mechanics in Engineering (0471493007) cover image


This book provides a systematic, modern introduction to solid mechanics that is carefully motivated by realistic Engineering applications. Based on 25 years of teaching experience, Raymond Parnes uses a wealth of examples and a rich set of problems to build the reader's understanding of the scientific principles, without requiring 'higher mathematics'.
Highlights of the book include
* The use of modern SI units throughout
* A thorough presentation of the subject stressing basic unifying concepts
* Comprehensive coverage, including topics such as the behaviour of materials on a phenomenological level.
* Over 600 problems, many of which are designed for solving with MATLAB, MAPLE or MATHEMATICA.
Solid Mechanics in Engineering is designed for 2-semester courses in Solid Mechanics or Strength of Materials taken by students in Mechanical, Civil or Aeronautical Engineering and Materials Science and may also be used for a first-year graduate program.
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Table of Contents



1 Introductory Concepts of Solid Mechanics.

2 Internal Forces and Stress.

3 Deformation and Strain.

4 Behaviour of Materials: Constitutive Equations.

5 Summary of Basic Results and Further Idealisations: Solutions using the "Mechanics-of-Materials" Approach.


6 Axial Loadings.

7 Torsion of Circular Cylindrical Rods: Coulomb Torsion.

8 Symmetric Bending of Beams -
Basic Relations and Stresses.

9 Symmetric Bending of Beams: Deflections, Fundamental Solutions and Superposition.

10 Thin-Wall Pressure Vessels: Thin Shells Under Pressure.

11 Stability and Instability of Rods under Axial Compression: Beam-Columns and Tie-Rods.

12 Torsion of Elastic Members of Arbitrary Cross-Section: de Saint Venant Torsion.

13 General Bending Theory of Beams.


14 Basic Energy Theorems, Principles of Virtual Work and their Application to Structural Mechanics.

15 Stability of Mechanical Systems by Energy Considerations: Approximate Methods.

Appendix A: Properties of Areas.

Appendix B: Some Mathematical Relations.

Appendix C: The Membrane Equation.

Appendix D: Material Properties.

Appendix E: Table of Structural Properties.

Appendix F: Reactions, Deflections and Slopes of Selected Beams.

Answers to Selected Problems.

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Author Information

RAYMOND PARNES is a Professor in the Department of Solid Mechanics, Materials and Structures in Tel-Aviv University. A graduate of Columbia University, he has over 25 years experience of teaching the subject in the United States, Europe and Israel and has published extensively in a variety of subjects in Solid Mechanics.
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"...The book is clearly laid out, well illustrated and the quality of reproduction is excellent...highly recommended..." (Materials World, September 2002)
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