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Financial Engineering: Derivatives and Risk Management

ISBN: 978-0-471-49584-0
800 pages
June 2001
Financial Engineering: Derivatives and Risk Management (0471495840) cover image


This text provides a thorough treatment of futures, 'plain vanilla' options and swaps as well as the use of exotic derivatives and interest rate options for speculation and hedging. Pricing of options using numerical methods such as lattices (BOPM), Mone Carlo simulation and finite difference methods, in additon to solutions using continuous time mathematics, are also covered. Real options theory and its use in investment appraisal and in valuing internet and biotechnology companies provide cutting edge practical applications.
Practical risk management issues are examined in depth. Alternative models for calculating Value at Risk (market risk) and credit risk provide the throretical basis for a practical and timely overview of these areas of regulatory policy.
This book is designed for courses in derivatives and risk management taken by specialist MBA, MSc Finance students or final year undergraduates, either as a stand-alone text or as a follow-on to Investments: Spot and Derivatives Markets by the same authors.
The authors adopt a real-world emphasis throughout, and include features such as:
* topic boxes, worked examples and learning objectives
* Financial Times and Wall Street Journal newspaper extracts and analysis of real world cases
* supporting web site including Lecturer's Resource Pack and Student Centre with interactive Excel and GAUSS software
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Table of Contents


Derivatives: An Overview.


Futures Markets.

Stock Index Futures.

Currency Forwards and Futures.

Short-Term Interest Rate Futures.

T-Bond Futures.


Options Markets.

Options Pricing.

Hedging and Volatility.

Option Spreads and Stock Options.

Foreign Currency Options.

Futures Options.

Portfolio Insurance.



Interest Rate Derivatives.

Complex Derivatives.

Asset Price Dynamics.

Pricing Interest Rate Derivatives.

Real Options (Alexander Workman, Co-Author).

Regulation of Financial Institutions.

Regulatory Framework in the UK and US.

Market Risk.

VaR: Mapping Cash Flows.

VaR: Statistical Issues.

Credit Risk.


List of Symbols.

List of 'Topic Boxes'.

Internet Sites.


Author Index.

Subject Index.
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Author Information

KEITH CUTHBERTSON is Professor of Finance at the Management School, Imperial College. He has been an advisor to the Bank of England and UK Treasury and a visitor at the Federal Reserve. He has held chairs at the University of Newcastle and City University Business School, as well as undertaking consultancy with financial institutions.
DIRK NITSCHE is a lecturer in Finance at the Management School, Imperial College. He is also a Visiting Lecturer at City university Business School.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of derivatives, including options futures, swaps, and stochastic processes.
  • Presents the treatment of derivatives within a wider risk management context.
  • Includes coverage of risk management, including VaR, 'Risk Grades' stress testing, extreme value theory, contemporary models of credit risk and their relevance to current debates on global regulatory policy.
  • Adopts a real-world emphasis throughout, including 'topic boxes', FT and WSJ extracts, mini cases, numerical examples and 'hands on' Excel spreadsheets.
  • Supporting website including Lecturer's Resource Pack and Student Centre.
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Related Websites / Extra

Supplementary WebisteContains Questions and Answers.
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Instructors Resources
Wiley Instructor Companion Site
Companion Website
Contains Figures and Questions and Answers for lecturers. www.wiley.co.uk/cuthbertson
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Students Resources
Companion Website
Additional resources can be found at http://www.staff.city.ac.uk/d.nitzsche/
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