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The UK and The Euro

ISBN: 978-0-471-49955-8
156 pages
May 2001
The UK and The Euro (0471499552) cover image


Should the UK adopt the euro? One of the key questions currently facing the country. The answer has implications for the UK, Europe and the world economy. Without using economic jargon, Paul Temperton clearly explains for the general reader the case for and against the UK adopting the euro and what the likely affects of each course of action will be. With the help of cartoons and a clear style that make complex economic ideas understandable, The UK and the Euro details all of the key issues in the controversy, while offering a clear and impartial look at both sides.
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Table of Contents




Sterling: A Brief History.

The Euro: An Even Briefer History.

What will the UK Gain by Joining the Euro?

What will the UK Lose by Joining the Euro?

Does the Euro Pass Mr Brown's Test?

Does the UK Pass the EU's Tests?

What is the 'Right' Exchange Rate?

Are Two Tests Enough?

The Bank of England and the ECB.

The Road Ahead.

The Changeover in the Retail Sector.

Staying Outside.

Is there a Way Out?




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Author Information

PAUL TEMPERTON CFA is a leading expert on the euro, Europe's single currency. This is his fifth book on the subject. Paul set up TIER (The Independent Economic Research Company) in 1993, having previously worked as an economist for the Bank of England and Merrill Lynch. He has advised governments, central banks, and companies in 26 different countries on the euro and its implications.
Paul is married with two children and lives in Buckinghamshire in the UK.
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"easy to read and should provide a good reference text" (Accounting Technician, October 2001) 

"…accessible guide to the case for and against the single currency…" (The Sunday Times, 18 May 2003)


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