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Topics in Stereochemistry, Volume 20

Ernest L. Eliel (Editor), Samuel H. Wilen (Editor), Norman L. Allinger (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-50801-4
344 pages
January 1991
Topics in Stereochemistry, Volume 20 (0471508012) cover image

Table of Contents

Computer Graphics and Molecular Modeling in the Analysis of Synthetic Targets (W. Ripka & J. Blaney).

Acyclic Stereocontrol in Michael Addition Reactions of Enamines and Enol Ethers (D. Oare & C. Heathcock).

Conformational Analysis of Bicyclo [3.3.1] Nonanes and Their Hetero Analogs (N. Zefirov & V. Palyulin).

Strained Olefins: Structure and Reactivity of Nonplanar Carbon-Carbon Double Bonds (W. Luef & R. Keese).

Subject Index.

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Cumulative Title Index, Volumes 1-20.
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