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The Analytical Chemistry of Silicones

A. Lee Smith (Editor), James D. Winefordner (Series Editor), I. M. Kolthoff (Editor Emeritus)
ISBN: 978-0-471-51624-8
576 pages
January 1991
The Analytical Chemistry of Silicones (0471516244) cover image


High-Resolution Solid-State NMR of Silicates and Zeolites Gunter Engelhardt and Dieter Michel "I strongly recommend this book as an important reference for scientists concerned with the structural properties of siliceous materials." --Applied Spectroscopy This well-organized and up-to-date text gives a thorough account of the wide range of applications of multinuclear high-resolution solid-state NMR spectroscopy in silicate and zeolite science, with emphasis on the kinds of chemical information retrievable from NMR experiments. 1988 (0 471-91597-1) 485 pp. The Chemistry of Silica Solubility, Polymerization, Colloid and Surface Properties, and Biochemistry Ralph K. Iler A major component of the earth's solid surface and the constituent of sand, silica--an ageless natural staple--is also integral to industries as diverse as chemistry, biology, medicine, agriculture, metallurgy, and mining. This landmark reference details the chemistry surrounding the research and development of silica as well as information on its production and production control. 1979 (0 471-02404-X) 866 pp. The Chemistry of Organic Silicon Compounds Parts 1 and 2 Edited by Saul Patai and Zvi Rappoport "This volume will probably become the first reference consulted for C-Si chemistry." --Choice This authoritative account of organic compounds containing carbon-silicon bonds brings specialists up-to-date to the field's latest innovative turns. The emphasis in this compilation of studies--from 17 prominent researchers--is on small molecules, single bonds, analysis, structure, synthesis, spectroscopy, and reaction mechanisms. Part 1:1989 (0 471-91441-X) 892 pp. Part 2:1989 (0 471-91992-6) 1,668 pp.
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Table of Contents


The Analytical Chemistry of Organosilicon Materials (A. Smith).

Analysis of Polymers, Mixtures, and Compositions (N. Angelotti).

Trace Analysis Involving Silicones (A. Smith & R. Parker).

Analysis of Surfaces (M. Owen).

Personal Care Applications (H. Klimisch).


Physical Properties and Polymer Structure (O. Flaningam & N. Langley).

Chemical Analysis (M. Gaul & N. Angelotti).

Microscopical Characterization (H. Freeman & R. Durall).

Chromatographic Methods (R. Steinmeyer & M. Becker).

Infrared, Raman, Near-Infrared, and Ultraviolet Spectroscopy (E. Lipp & A. Smith).

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (R. Taylor, et al.).

Mass Spectrometry (J. Moore).

Atomic Spectroscopy (N. Lytle).

X-Ray Methods (D. Peterson, et al.).



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Author Information

About the editor Albert Lee Smith is Scientist Emeritus at Dow Corning Corporation. In the past he has served in a variety of capacities for Dow Corning, including manager of its analytical department, analytical scientist, and global analytical coordinator. Dr. Smith is a recipient of the Williams-Wright Award (1987) and the American Chemical Society Local Section Award for outstanding achievement and promotion of the chemical sciences (1988). He has been president of the Coblentz Society and chairman of the Joint Committee on Atomic and Molecular Physical Data. Dr. Smith received his PhD in physical chemistry from Ohio State University. He is the author of Applied Infrared Spectroscopy (Wiley, 1979).
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