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Electron Deficient Boron and Carbon Clusters

George A. Olah (Editor), Kenneth Wade (Editor), Robert E. Williams (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-52795-4
379 pages
February 1991
Electron Deficient Boron and Carbon Clusters (0471527955) cover image


Compares and contrasts the structure and chemistry of boron clusters, carbon clusters, and carboranes and their derivatives. Honors the pioneering works of William Lipscomb.
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Table of Contents

General Concepts and Definitions (G. Olah, et al.).

Geometrical Systematics of Nido-Carboranes, -Polyboranes and -Carbocations;
Dominance of Aperture Dependant Electron Distribution and Charge Smoothing (R. Williams).

Electron Distribution in Boranes and Carboranes (K. Wade).

Ab Initio Geometries and Chemical Shift Calculations for Neutral Boranes and Borane Anions (M. Buehl & P. Schleyer).

Skeletal Rearrangements in Clusters: Some New Theoretical Insights Involving Lipscomb's Diamond-Square-Diamond Mechanism (D. Mingos & D. Wales).

Some Recently Determined Borane Structures and Their Implications (N. Greenwood).

Electron Deficiency Aspects of the Small Carboranes (T. Onak & K. Fuller).

Hypho-Dithiborane Clusters: Links Between Electron Deficient and Electron Precise Cage Systems (S. Kang & L. Sneddon).

C-Trimethylsilyl-Substituted Carboranes and Their Derivatives (N. Hosmane & J. Maguire).

Borane Transition Metal Cluster Chemistry: Hydroboration of the Unsaturated Cluster (?H)2OS3(CO)10 (D. Workman & S. Shore).

Cyclocarborane-Stabilized Multidecker/Multicluster Sandwich Compounds and Linked Molecular Systems (R. Grimes).

Boron-Transition Metal Compounds Containing Direct Metal-Boron Bonds;
Recent Progress (T. Fehlner).

Oxidative Addition of Carbon-Hydrogen Bonds to Soluble Complexes of Iridium and Osmium (T. Flood).

Hypercarbon Cluster Chemistry of Hydrocarbons (G. Olah).

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