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750 Spanish Verbs and Their Uses

ISBN: 978-0-471-53939-1
352 pages
August 1992
750 Spanish Verbs and Their Uses (0471539392) cover image


Essential grammar taught simply and directly. 750 Spanish Verbs and Their Uses gives you the backbone of language study -- correct verb usage -- by showing verb conjugations in their contexts. To understand the value of such an approach, consider the English verb "to hold," the meaning of which changes dramatically when used in such expressions as "hold on," "hold up," "hold off," and "hold down"; in Spanish, as students of the language have perennially learned to their frustration, the changes are far broader and apply to many more verbs. Now you won't have to guess how a verb is used in a sentence: 750 Spanish Verbs and Their Uses gives you all the correct variations and grammatical interrelationships. Correct usages are illustrated in common phrases and idiomatic expressions. Unusual or troublesome expressions are emphasized throughout. And special attention is given to reflexive verbs (often difficult for English speakers) to make their usage clear. Perfect for students and travelers, ideal as a text, a grammar book and a reference, 750 Spanish Verbs and Their Uses will help you not only to conjugate verbs, but also to use them correctly and comprehensibly. Also available in the Series: 750 German Verbs and Their Uses and 750 French Verbs and Their Uses.
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Author Information

JAN R. ZAMIR, PhD, has taught languages for 22 years and holds a doctorate in linguistics from the University of Illinois. EDGRADO J. PANTIGOSO, PhD, is the Acting Chair of the Department of Foreign Language and Literature at Northeastern Illinois University and has taught college level Spanish for more than 20 years. He holds a doctorate in Spanish literature from the University of Chicago. EDUARDO ESTEVANOVICH is a professor of Spanish and coordinator of the Spanish language program at the Association of the Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he has taught for more than 10 years. Series Editor: Jan R. Zamir, PhD
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