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Queueing Systems: Problems and Solutions

ISBN: 978-0-471-55568-1
240 pages
April 1996
Queueing Systems: Problems and Solutions (0471555681) cover image


This manual contains all the problems to Leonard Kleinrock's Queueing Systems, Volume One, and their solutions. The manual offers a concise introduction so that it can be used independently from the text. Contents include:
* A Queueing Theory Primer
* Random Processes
* Birth-Death Queueing Systems
* Markovian Queues
* The Queue M/G/1
* The Queue G/M/m
* The Queue G/G/1
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Table of Contents

A Queueing Theory Primer.

Random Processes.

Birth-Death Queueing Systems.

Markovian Queues.

The Queue M/G/1.

The Queue G/M/m.

The Queue G/G/1.

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Author Information

LEONARD KLEINROCK is Professor of Computer Science at UCLA.

RICHARD GAIL is a research staff member at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center.
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