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Comparative Animal Physiology, Neural and Integrative Animal Physiology, 4th Edition

C. Ladd Prosser (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-56071-5
786 pages
March 1991
Comparative Animal Physiology, Neural and Integrative Animal Physiology, 4th Edition (0471560715) cover image


Here is a uniquely modern approach to the study of physiological diversity that builds on the tradition established by C. Ladd Prosser's Comparative Animal Physiology. Responding to the need for a rigorously up-to-date, comprehensive survey of function and integrative systems in a variety of species, which is also easily accessible to the user, Dr. Prosser has delivered a thoroughly revised Fourth Edition in a convenient two-volume format. This carefully designed framework lets each volume zero-in on distinct aspects of comparative physiology normally studied as a whole unit. From the study of genetically replicating molecules to investigations of adaptive modulation, these two companion volumes offer an all-encompassing view of the field. With their contemporary approach,scholarly editing, flexible format, and detailed contents, Neural and Integrative Animal Physiology and Environmental and Metabolic Animal Physiology will stand together as the authoritative source in the field.
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Table of Contents

Partial table of contents:

Excitable Membranes;
Synaptic Transmission and Modulation (C. Prosser).

Animal Movement (C. Prosser).

Bioluminescence (J. Hastings & J. Morin).

Mechanoreception and Phonoreception (A. Feng & J. Hall).

Electric Organs and Electroreceptors (A. Feng).

Chemoreception (E. Meisami).

Circadian Rhythms: The Physiology of Biological Timing (J. Hastings, et al.).

Central Nervous Systems (F. Delcomyn, et al.).

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