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Horticultural Reviews, Volume 16

Jules Janick (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-57337-1
406 pages
August 1994
Horticultural Reviews, Volume 16 (047157337X) cover image

Table of Contents

Molecular and Genetic Approaches to the Study of Plant Hormone Action (M. Guiltinan & J. Deikman).

Cellular Mechanisms of Salt Tolerance in Plant Cells (M. Binzel & M. Reuveni).

Truffles and Their Cultivation (G. Giovannetti, et al.).

Presowing Seed Priming (C. Parera & D. Cantliffe).

Sapindaceous Fruits: Botany and Horticulture (H. Tindall).

Apple Flavor (E. Yahia).

New Concepts in Pruning Grapevines (J.-V.


Mechanical Harvesting of Berry Crops (A. Dale, et al.).

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