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Multicomponent Mass Transfer

ISBN: 978-0-471-57417-0
616 pages
October 1993
Multicomponent Mass Transfer (0471574171) cover image
Addresses the use of rigorous multicomponent mass transfer models for the simulation and design of process equipment. Deals with the basic equations of diffusion in multicomponent systems. Describes various models and estimations of rates of mass and energy transfer. Covers applications of multicomponent mass transfer models to process design. Includes appendices providing necessary mathematical background. Contains a large number of numerical examples worked out in detail.
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Preliminary Concepts.

The Maxwell-Stefan Relations.

Fick's Law.

Estimation of Diffusion Coefficients.

Solution of Multicomponent Diffusion Problems: The Linearized Theory.

Solution of Multicomponent Diffusion Problems: Effective Diffusivity Methods.


Mass Transfer Coefficients.

Film Theory.

Unsteady-State Mass Transfer Models.

Mass Transfer in Turbulent Flow.

Simultaneous Mass and Energy Transfer.


Multicomponent Distillation: Mass Transfer Models.

Multicomponent Distillation: Efficiency Models.

Multicomponent Distillation: A Nonequilibrium Stage Model.

Condensation of Vapor Mixtures.





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