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Contemporary Europe: A Geographic Analysis, 7th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-58336-3
688 pages
May 1997, ©1997
Contemporary Europe: A Geographic Analysis, 7th Edition (0471583367) cover image


A team of experts from the US and Europe presents an overview of contemporary Europe. This book examines all aspects of European geography, including: human, economic, and regional. It illustrates the role Europe plays in world affairs and addresses the current European Union and its effect on different regions.
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Table of Contents

Physical Geography (T. Poulsen).

Population (D. Danta & W. Berentsen).

Europe's Unrolling Political Map (T. Poulsen).

Economic Geography (W. Berentsen & G. Hoffman).

Urban Geography (D. Danta & W. Berentsen).

The British Isles (D. Spooner).

Western Europe (A. Diem).

Region Nord: The European North (V. Malmstrom).

Southern Europe (A. Diem).

West Central Europe (W. Berentsen, et al.).

East Central and Southeastern Europe (W. Berentsen, et al.).

Russia and the European NIS (C. ZumBrunnen).

Conclusion (W. Berentsen).



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