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Electric Circuit Analysis

ISBN: 978-0-471-60355-9
704 pages
December 1982, ©1982
Electric Circuit Analysis (0471603554) cover image
A readable introduction to traditional circuit analysis for students entering a two-year course in EE technology. Up-to-date presentation relates the material to current technology, practices, and devices. Contains minimal use of calculus and employs SI units wherever possible. There is a chapter on transformers, and the chapter on graphic analysis serves as an introduction to electronic load line analysis. Each chapter contains objectives, summaries, and review questions. All key terms and definitions are highlighted within the body of the book. Includes BASIC programs to aid in problem-solving, and an appendix contains solutions to selected Problems.
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Electrical Units.

The Nature of Resistance.

Ohm's Law, Power, and Energy.

Kirchhoff's Laws and Simple Circuits.

Circuit Analysis Techniques.

The Electric Field and Capacitance.

Magnetism and the Magnetic Circuit.


Alternating Current Relationships.

Phasors and Phasor Algebra.

Single-Phase Alternating Current Circuits.

Frequency Selective Circuits and Resonance.

Alternating Current Circuit Analysis.

Polyphase Circuits.

Response to Nonsinusoidal Voltages.

Electrical Measurements.

Direct Current Graphical Analysis.


Two-Port Networks.

Appendices: Determinants, Computer Analysis, Mathematical Signs and Symbols.

Greek Alphabet.


Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems.


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