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ISBN: 978-0-471-60547-8
880 pages
January 1991, ©1991
Turbo PASCAL (0471605476) cover image


This is a complete introduction to Pascal for students with no prior knowledge of computers or programming. Carefully designed and presented, the book features programming material (programs, output, and tables) on right-hand pages, with corresponding explanations found on left-hand pages. Different programming techniques are presented, ranging from top-down design and stepwise refinement of pseudocode to the bottom-up approach. The tool box approach is also used to write some of the longer programs. In addition, stepwise refinement is used for many of the longer programs. With its rigorous approach, Turbo Pascal is intended to have even newcomers programming in their first session at the computer.
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Table of Contents

Getting Acquainted with Computers.

Programming Planning and Getting on the Computer.

An Introduction to Turbo Pascal.

Reading and Writing and Buffering.

The FOR-DO Loop and the Ordinal Types.

Procedures and Top-Down Design.

The IF-THEN-ELSE and Case Statements; More on Program Design: Programming by Stages and Top-Down Testing.

The WHILE and REPEAT Loops, Bottom-Up Design, the EOLN and EOF Functions, and Text Files.


Arrays; Programming by Stages: The Tool Box Approach.

String Procedures and Functions; Writing Units.

User Enumerated Types.

Multidimensional Arrays.


Files and Sets.


Pointers and Dynamic Storage.

Trees and Queues.



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