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Robot Dynamics and Control

ISBN: 978-0-471-61243-8
352 pages
January 1989, ©1989
Robot Dynamics and Control (047161243X) cover image


This self-contained introduction to practical robot kinematics and dynamics includes a comprehensive treatment of robot control. Provides background material on terminology and linear transformations, followed by coverage of kinematics and inverse kinematics, dynamics, manipulator control, robust control, force control, use of feedback in nonlinear systems, and adaptive control. Each topic is supported by examples of specific applications. Derivations and proofs are included in many cases. Includes many worked examples, examples illustrating all aspects of the theory, and problems.
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Table of Contents

Rigid Motions and Homogeneous Transformations.

Forward Kinematics: The Denavit-Hartenberg Representation.

Inverse Kinematics.

Velocity Kinematics: The Manipulator Jacobian.


Independent Joint Control.

Multivariable Control.

Force Control.

Feedback Linearization.

Variable Structure and Adaptive Control.


Suggested Reading.


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