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Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis, A Guide to Evaluating the Industry Sectors of the Market, from Bay Street's Top Analysts, Volume 2

Joe Kan (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-64390-6
624 pages
April 2000
Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis, A Guide to Evaluating the Industry Sectors of the Market, from Bay Street


One of the keys to investment success is the ability to identify the most promising companies in the leading industries. But that is not as simple as it sounds. Although most investors, portfolio managers, and finance students understand the basics of investment analysis, the dynamics of individual industries are more difficult to grasp since they can vary greatly from one industry to another.

The Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis is the definitive guide to analyzing the industry sectors in the Toronto Stock Exchange 300 Composite Index. It gives you the analytical tools you need to measure profitability and stock potential in every major industry grouping of the Canadian market. This two-volume reference brings together — for the first time ever — advice from twenty-seven of Canada's top financial analysts. Each chapter gives practical, expert advice on what makes a particular industry tick:

  • industry overview
  • trends and developments
  • key performance measures
  • markets and competition
  • the regulatory environment
  • cyclical and seasonal influences, and much more.

The Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis gives you a rare glimpse into the world of financial analysts: what they look for, and how they make their decisions. This distinguished group of financial experts share their vast experience and specialized knowledge on how to analyze specific industries to help you invest for success:

  • the factors that underlie analysts' stock selections
  • the analytical techniques, yardsticks, and tools of the trade used to value securities
  • the quantitative and qualitative factors to take into account when analyzing stocks in each particular industry
  • when to buy and sell individual securities
  • how and where to get more information on the industry. 
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Table of Contents

List of Participants


Chapter 1: Oil Services, Miles Lich and Wilfred Gobert, CFA

Chapter 2: Airlines, Frederick K. Larkin

Chapter 3: Diamonds, Catherine Gignac

Chapter 4: Emerging Golds, Stephen Walker

Chapter 5: Printing and Publishing, Andrea Horan, CFA

Chapter 6: Broadcasting and Entertainment, David McFadgen, CFA

Chapter 7: Aerospace, Richard Stoneman

Chapter 8: The Canadian Fertilizer Industry, Samuel Kanes, CFA


Chapter 9: Insurance, Tom MacKinnon

Chapter 10: Merchandising, Marilyn Brophy, CFA


Chapter 11: Strategy, George Vasic

Chapter 12: Income Trusts, Petro Panarites, CFA
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Author Information


The Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis assembles a stellar list of contributors, all ranked as leading investment analysts on Canadian analyst performance surveys, or on the annual Wall Street Journal All-Star Analysts survey. For the first time ever, twenty-seven of Canada's leading investment analysts have come together to offer their expertise and experience in two definitive volumes. Contributors to Volume 2:
Marilyn Brophy on Merchandising
Catherine Gignac on Diamonds
Andrea Horan on Printing & Publishing
Sam Kanes on Fertilizers
Frederick K. Larkin on Airlines
Miles Lich and Wilf Gobert on Oilfield Services
David McFadgen on Broadcasting & Entertainment
Tom McKinnon on Insurance
Petro Panarites on Income Trusts
Richard Stoneman on Aerospace
George Vasic on Strategy
Stephen D. Walker on Emerging Golds

Every chapter of the Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis has been reviewed by members of a distinguished editorial board, drawn from academia, the institutional investment community, and industry associations. Editorial advisors to Volume 2:
Mark Arthur
Ira Gulskin
Geoffrey MacDonald, CFA
Bill Peckford, CFA
F. Joseph Sirdevan, CFA
John Smolinski, CFA
Jennifer Witterick, CFA

Joe Kan is a chartered financial analyst and president of Kan & Associates Inc., a search firm specializing in recruitment for institutional equity professionals.
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"A must-read, valuable reference for all serious stock market investors seeking to gain an insightful and comprehensive understanding of the key fundamental forces that drive Canadian business and stock market performance."
Gerald Coleman, President, CI Capital Management, and Portfolio Manager, Harbour Funds

"Outsiders who wonder just how Bay Street analysts work their magic can get a sense of how the numbers are crunched in...The Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis."
Andrew Willis, "Streetwise" Columnist, The Globe & Mail

"The Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis, Volume 2, picks up where Volume 1 left off. It continues to offer practical insights into fundamental equity valuation and should be considered necessary reading for the serious investor."
Daniel F. Muzyka, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, The University of British Columbia

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