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Handbook of Racial-Cultural Psychology and Counseling, 2 Volume Set

ISBN: 978-0-471-65625-8
1015 pages
November 2004
Handbook of Racial-Cultural Psychology and Counseling, 2 Volume Set (0471656259) cover image


The Handbook of Racial-Cultural Psychology and Counseling offers a thorough treatment of the concepts, theoretical developments, research, and applications in racial-cultural psychology and counseling.

Volume One focuses on theory and research, and covers the concepts of race, ethnicity, culture, acculturation, religion and spirituality, measurement, ethical research, socialization, and emerging areas of inquiry.

Volume Two focuses on practice and training, and addresses such topics as: training models, assessment, supervision, group therapy, vocational counseling, supervision, ethics, couples and family therapy, and continuing education.

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Table of Contents


1. Racial-Cultural Competence: Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills (D. Sue).

2. Emerging Approaches to Training Psychologist to Be Culturally Competent (J. Ponterotto & R. Austin).

3. Teaching Racial-Cultural Counseling Competence: A Racially Inclusive Model (R. Carter).

4. Multicultural Learning in Family Therapy Education (C. Alderfer).

5. The Ecology of Life Spaces: Racial Identity-Based Education and Training (V. Wang).

6. A Practical Coping Skills Approach for Racial-Cultural Skills Acquisition (B. Wallace).

7. Issues of Language Diversity: Training Culturally Competent and Confident Therapists (M. Faubert & D. Locke).

8. Racial-Cultural Training for Group Counseling and Psychotherapy (M. McRae & E. Short).

9. The Working Alliance, Therapy Ruptures and Impasses, and Counseling Competence: Implications for Counselor Training and Education (W. Liu & D. Pope-Davis).

10. Racial-Cultural Training for Supervisors: Goals, Foci, and Strategies (E. Chen).

11. Applications of Racial-Cultural Supervision (A. Reynolds).

12. Postdoctoral Training in Racial-Cultural Counseling Competence (C. Ridley & D. Mollen).


13. Psychological Theory and Culture: Practice Implications (C. Thompson).

14. Integrating Theory and Practice: A Racial-Cultural Counseling Model (A. Alvarez & R. Piper).

15. The Use of Race and Ethnicity in Psychological Practice: A Review (K. Cokley).

16. The Impact of cultural Variables on Vocational Psychology: Examination of the Found and Bingham Culturally Appropriate Career Counseling Model (K. Ihle-Helledy, et al.).

17. Diagnosis in racial-Cultural Practice (T. Buckley & D. Franklin-Jackson).

18. Assessment Practices in Racial-Cultural Psychology (L. Suzuki, et al.).

19. Racial-Cultural Issue sin Clinical Assessment (C. Branch).

20. Racial-Cultural Practice: An Integrative Approach to White Racial Identity Assessment (T. Richardson & E. Frey).

21. Skills and Methods for Group Work with Racially and Ethnically Diverse Clients (D. Hurdle).

22. Family Counseling and Psychotherapy in Racial-Cultural Psychology: Case Applications (A. Thomas).

23. Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy in Racial-Cultural Psychology: Case Application (D. Miehls).

24. Immigration and Transition: Implications of Racial-Cultural Counseling and Clinical Practice (P. Arredondo).

25. A Psychohistorical Analysis of the African American Bicultural Experience (S. Utsey, et al.).

26. White Racism and Mental Health: Treating the Individual Racist (J. Dobbins & J. Skillings).

27. Racial Discrimination and Race-Based Traumatic Stress: An Exploratory Investigation (R. Carter, et al.).

28. Enhancing Therapeutic Interventions with People of Color: Integrating Outreach, Advocacy and Prevention (E. Vera, et al.).

29. Developing a Frame Work for Culturally Competent Systems of Care (A. Evans, et al.).

30. An Racial Code for Racial-Cultural Practice: Filling Gaps and Confronting Contradictions in Existing Ethical Guidelines (L. Cladwell & D. Tarver).

31. Racial-Cultural Training and Practice Moving form Rhetoric to reality: Summary and Conclusion (R. Carter, et al.).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

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