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Federal Style Patterns 1780 - 1820

ISBN: 978-0-471-69419-9
272 pages
February 2005
Federal Style Patterns 1780 - 1820 (0471694193) cover image


The detailed, clearly illustrated guide to federal patterns

Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 is a single-source book of pattern drawings illustrating the form, character, scale, and proportion of Federal Style ornament and detail built in New England primarily from 1780 to 1820.

Conveniently organized in sections for cornices, door and window casings, chair rails, baseboards, mantels, and fences, Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 features 300 detailed line drawings that are useful to architects, interior designers, and preservationists. An accompanying CD-ROM contains the drawings in the following formats: vector PDF, Postscript, DXF for PC, and PowerCadd for Mac.

Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 offers architects and interior designers a fresh look at this uniquely American style to provide a springboard for design inspiration and new ideas.

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Table of Contents




About Federal Style Architecture.


About the Drawings.

Ornaments Omitted.


Type A.

Type B.

Type C.

Cornice Plus.

Palace of Diocletian.

Window and Door Casings.

Window Sills and Aprons.

Chair Rails.



Interior Doors, Doorways, and Arches.

Designs for Historic and Contemporary Rooms.





Index to the Figures.


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Author Information

MaryBeth Mudrick is a designer specializing in historic ornamental detail.

Lawrence D. Smith is a cabinetmaker and founder of The Federal Style Orders, a company specializing in Federal Style architectural interiors.

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"Those seeking guidance or inspiration in creating historically accurate Federal-style architectural elements need look no further…" (Clem Labine’s Period Homes, September, 2005)

"Architects, interior designers, preservationists, and anyone who is interested in the details of Federal Style architecture will find this a valuable resource." (Art Book News Annual, 2006)

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There is a known problem with the way PowerCADD interacts with MacOS X. Unlike previous versions of MacOS, MacOS X requires files to use three letter extensions (such as ".jpg" or ".dwx") to identify the content of a file. Unfortunately, PowerCADD files do not have such an extension.

It is possible to use PowerCADD files in OS X by making sure that the older OS 9-style "content type creator code" is properly set. The PowerCADD files shipped on the CD accompanying this book did not have this code set properly, rendering them unable to open in PowerCADD.

We have prepared an downloadable Applescript program that will allow you to fix the PowerCADD files included on the CD.

  1. Download the script from this page, and save it to the desktop.
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  3. Copy the "PowerCADD" folder to the desktop by dragging it from your CD-ROM.
  4. After the PowerCADD files have copied, drag the entire PowerCADD folder and drop it onto the "PowerCADD Type Fixer." In a few moments, all of the files in the PowerCADD folder will be updated to open correctly.
Note: On most Macintosh systems, Stuffit Expander is set to automatically unpack .bin files automatically. If you are sure you have Stuffit installed on your Mac, and the download still doesn't open even after double-clicking on it in Finder, try these steps:
  1. Select the "PowerCADDTypeFixer.bin" file, select "File", and choose "Get Info."
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