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Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Manufacturing and Management, 3rd Edition

Myer Kutz (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-71987-8
840 pages
November 2005
Mechanical Engineers
The updated revision of the bestseller--in a more useful format!

Mechanical Engineers' Handbook has a long tradition as a single resource of valuable information related to specialty areas in the diverse industries and job functions in which mechanical engineers work. This Third Edition, the most aggressive revision to date, goes beyond the straight data, formulas, and calculations provided in other handbooks and focuses on authoritative discussions, real-world examples, and insightful analyses while covering more topics than in previous editions.

Book 3: Manufacturing and Management is comprised of two major parts covering manufacturing and management. The centerpiece of part one, "the handbook within the handbook," covers manufacturing topics related to production, metal working, statistical quality control, and computer-integrated manufacturing. Topics new to the handbook include physical vapor deposition, environmentally conscious manufacturing, and dealing with process technology in the context of design, tooling, manufacturing, and quality engineering. The second part covers a broad array of topics conveniently organized into five areas:
* Project and people management
* Fundamentals of financial management
* Total Quality Management; registrations, certifications, and awards; and safety engineering
* Legal issues, including patents
* Online and print information sources
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Vision Statement.



1. Product Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM&A) (Gordon Lewis).

2. Achieving Enterprise Goals with New Process Technology (Steve W. Tuszynski).

3. Classification Systems (Dell K. Allen).

4. Production Planning (Bhaba R. Sarker, Dennis B. Webster, and Thomas G. Ray).

5. Production Processes and Equipment (Magd E. Zohdi, William E. Biles, and Dennis B. Webster).

6. Metal Forming, Shaping, and Casting (Magd E. Zohdi and William E. Biles).

7. Mechanical Fasteners (Murray J. Roblin, updated by Anthony Luscher).

8. Statistical Quality Control (Magd E. Zohdi).

9. Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (William E. Biles and Magd E. Zohdi).

10. Material Handling (William E. Biles, John S. Usher, and Magd E. Zohdi).

11. Coatings and Surface Engineering: Physical Vapor Deposition (Allan Matthews and Suzanne L. Rohde).

12. Product Design and Manufacturing Processes for Sustainability (I. S. Jawahir, P. C. Wanigarathne, and X. Wang).


13. Managing Projects in Engineering Organizations Using Interorganizational Teams (Karen L. Higgins and Joseph A. Maciarello).

14. Managing People (Hans J. Thamain).

15. Finance and the Engineering Function (William Brett).

16. Detailed Cost Estimating (Rodney D. Stewart).

17. Investment Analysis (Byron W. Jones).

18. Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, and Continuous Improvement (Jack B. ReVelle and Robert Alan Kemerling).

19. Registrations, Certifications, and Awards (Jack B. ReVelle and Cynthia M. Sabelhaus).

20. Safety Engineering (Jack B. ReVelle).

21. What the Law Requires of the Engineer (Alvin S. Weinstein, and Martin S. Chizek).

22. Patents (David A. Burge and Benjamin D. Burge).

23. Electronic Information Resources: Your Online Survival Guide (Robert N. Schwarzwalder, Jr.).

24. Sources of Mechanical Engineering Information (Fritz Dusold and Myer Kutz).


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MYER KUTZ is founder and President of Myer Kutz Associates, Inc., a publishing and information services consulting firm.
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