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The Rational Project Manager: A Thinking Team's Guide to Getting Work Done

ISBN: 978-0-471-72146-8
240 pages
April 2005
The Rational Project Manager: A Thinking Team


This comprehensive exploration of the project management process presents the tools, steps, and processes of project management and uncovers the critical thinking -- the why -- vital to project management excellence. Incorporating Kepner-Tregoe?s renowned and effective problem-solving and decision-making processes, the book guides you through the core activities of project management?planning, solving problems, making decisions, and assessing risk. It positions projects within an organization?s "performance environment," an understanding of which is essential for effective team performance and alignment. Offering a combination of overarching insights into organizational dynamics, as well as specific processes and practices for effective management, this is a resource no project leader -- and no project team member -- should be without.
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Table of Contents

1. The Missing Pieces of the Project Management Puzzle.

Project Management as the New Imperative.

Project Management Unplugged.

Project Management in Action.

The Stuff of Projects.

Today’s Projects: What Makes Them Different?

Today’s Game Is Speed.

Disembodied Goals.

The Ebb and Flow of Today’s Teams.

The Competition for Resources.

The Revolving Door.

The Penchant for Complexity.

Projects Aren’t Going Away.

The Missing Pieces of the Project Management Puzzle.

What’s Ahead.

2. Project Definition.

Why Are We Doing This Project?

State the Project.

Develop Objectives.

Develop the Work Breakdown Structure.

Identify Resource Requirements.

Additional Definition Topics.

3. Project Planning.

Assign Responsibility.

Sequence Deliverables.

Schedule Deliverables.

Schedule Resources.

Protect and Enhance the Plan.

Enhance the Plan.

Additional Planning Topics.

Planning Summary.

4. Project Implementation.

Are You Ready to Do the Work?

Start to Implement.

Monitor the Project.

Modify the Project.

Closeout and Evaluate.

Additional Implementation Topic.

Implementation Summary.

5. Managing People in Projects.

Influencing People.

The Performance System.

Involving People.

Communicating with People.

Meetings and Communication.


6. Project Decision Making and Problem Solving.

Situation Appraisal.

Decision Analysis.

Problem Analysis.

Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Summary.

7. Installing Project Management within an Organization.

Ensuring Systematic Use of Project Management.

Installing Project Management.

How Should You Install Project Management in Your Organization?

A Final Word on Project Management.


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Author Information

ANDREW LONGMAN is a partner and Vice President of Marketing at Kepner-Tregoe, a consultancy specializing in strategic and operational decision making and critical thinking, with headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey.

JIM MULLINS is a Senior Consultant and Worldwide Product Manager for eThink®, Kepner-Tregoe's enterprise-wide software product for tracking and improving organizational problem solving and decision making.

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