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Principles of Mass Spectrometry Applied to Biomolecules

Chava Lifshitz (Editor), Julia Laskin (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-72184-0
687 pages
October 2006
Principles of Mass Spectrometry Applied to Biomolecules (0471721840) cover image


An extensive compilation of articles by leading professionals, this reference explains the fundamental principles of mass spectrometry as they relate to the life sciences. Topics covered include spectroscopy, energetics and mechanisms of peptide fragmentation, electron capture dissociation, ion-ion and ion-molecule reactions, reaction dynamics, collisional activation, soft-landing, protein structure and interactions, thermochemistry, and more. The book empowers readers to develop new ways of using these techniques.
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Table of Contents




1. Spectroscopy of neutral Peptides in the Gas Phase-Structure, Reactivity, Microsolvation, Molecular Recognition (M. Gerhards).

2. Probing the Electronic Structure of Fe-S Clusters Using Anoin Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Ubiquitous Electron Transfer Centers in Metalloproteins (X. Yang, et al.).

3. Ion/Molecule Reactions and H/D Exchange for Structural Characterization of Biomolecules (M. Green & C. Lebrilla).

4. Understanding Protein Interactions and their Representation in the Gas Phase of the Mass Spectrometer (F. Sobott & C. Robinson).

5. Protein Structure and Folding in the Gas Phase: Ubiquitin and Cytochrome c (K. Breuker).

6. Dyunamical Simulations of Photoionization of Small Biological Molecules (D. Shemesh & R. Gerber).

7. IVR and Ergodicity of Dissociation of Bio-Molecules (C. Lifshitz).


8. Mechanisms of Peptide Fragmentation (V. Wysocki, et al.).

9. Peptide Radical Cations (A. Hopkinson & K. Siu).

10. Photodissociation of Biomolecule Ions: Progress, Possibilities, and the Perspectives Coming From Small-Ion Models (R. Dunbar).

11. Chemical Dynamics Simulations of EnergyTransfer and Unimolecular Decomposition in Collision-Induced Dissociation (CID) and Surface-Induced Dissociation (SID) (A. Rahaman, et al.).

12. Ion Soft Landing: Instrumentation, Phenomena and Applications (B. Gologan, et al.).

13. Electron Capture Dissociation and Other Ion-electron Fragmentation Reactions (R. Zubarev).

14. Biomolecule Ion/Ion Reactions (S. McLuckey).


15. Thermochemistry Studies of Biomolecules (C. Wesdemiotis).

16. Energy and Entropy Effects in the Gas Phase Dissociation of Peptides and Proteins (J. Laskin).


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Author Information

JULIA LASKIN, PHD, is a Senior Research Scientist in the Fundamental Sciences Division at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington.

The late CHAVA LIFSHITZ, PHD, was an Archie and Marjorie Sherman Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Physical Chemistry at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. She was also on the editorial boards of Mass Spectrometry Reviews and the International Journal of Mass Spectrometry.

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"this is a very impressive volume, which I recommend to anyone interested in fundamental principles governing peptide and protein ion behavior in the gas phase."  (Journal of the American Chemical Society, April 4, 2007)

"...the book is well written with numerous companion figures and tables and extensive up-to-date references..."  (Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, April 2007)

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