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The RCS Handbook & Intelligent Systems Set

ISBN: 978-0-471-72265-6
1014 pages
October 2004
The RCS Handbook & Intelligent Systems Set (0471722650) cover image


As control systems become increasingly complex, there is a growing need for software tools for use in their design and implementation. Introducing proven, free-to-use software from the NIST's real-time control systems (RCS) library, this practical resource arms readers with the tools they need to construct hierarchical and distributed RCSs for challenging industrial applications. Featuring numerous design and implementation examples, this is a complete reference to high-technology automation solutions.
Market: Electronic Engineers and Computer Scientists involved with controls; Professionals in manufacturing, process control, and robotics.
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Table of Contents

The RCS Handbook: Tools for Real Time Control Systems Software Development




Getting Started Quickly: RCS Essentials.

The Reference Model Architecture and RCS Applications.


Design Theme Problem: Automated Highway System.

Programming in NML.

RCS Control Module.

Writing NML Configuration Files.

Other Classes and Functions.

RCS Diagnostics Tool.

Code Generation and Design Tool.


Appendix A: C++ Introduction.

Appendix B: Compilers and Makefiles.

Appendix C: General Operating System Concepts.

Appendix D: RCS Version Functions.

Appendix E: Platforms Tested.



Intelligent Systems: Architecture, Design, and Control


Intelligence in Natural and Constructed Systems

Theoretical Fundamentals

Knowledge Representation

Reference Architecture

Motivations, Goals, and Value Judgment

Sensory Processing

Behavior Generation


Multiresolutional Planning: A Sketch of the Theory

Multiresolutional Hierarchy of Planner/Executor Modules


Applications of Multiresolutional Architectures for Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems: Precursor of the New Paradigm in Science and Engineering


Name Index

Subject Index

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Individual Volumes

by Alexander M. Meystel, James S. Albus
by Veysel Gazi, Mathew L. Moore, Kevin M. Passino, Dave Shackleford, Frederick M. Proctor, James S. Albus
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