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Antiviral Drugs

ISBN: 978-0-471-72332-5
200 pages
April 2005
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Viruses are microorganisms that are as varied in type as the plants and animals of the macroscopic world. A particularly virulent virus can infect and kill a human host, which is 10 million times larger. The human immune system is the first line of defense against any infectious organism. However, sometimes this protection proves inadequate to the viral challenge. In this situation humans attempt to provide additional aid in retarding viral reproduction through the use of antiviral drugs until an overwhelmed immune system is able to cope with the infection. This type of self-help is the object of antiviral drug research.

Antiviral Drugs by John Driscoll provides up-to-date information on the classification, history, structure, preclinical development, bioactivity, pharmacology, and effectiveness of the 72 most important antiviral agents. A carefully researched collection of over 400 references places details of definitive recent antiviral research at the reader's fingertips. An appendix contains for each drug an at-a-glance, detailed sketch, which includes chemical structure and molecular formula, identification numbers, synonyms, physical properties, toxicities, and manufacturers. Introductory chapters describe where viruses fit into the world of microorganisms, explore the unique properties of DNA and RNA viruses, and show how new antiviral drugs are discovered and developed into useful medicines.
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How to Use This Book.

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Table of Antiviral Drugs.

Chapter 1: Infectious Microorganisms.




References for Chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development.

Preclinical Drug Discovery.

Clinical Drug Development.

References for Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: Antiviral Drugs.

Drug Organization.

Drugs Effective Against DNA Viruses.

Drugs Effective Against RNA Viruses.

Drugs for the Treatment of RNA Retroviral Diseases.

Drugs for the Treatment of RNA Non-retroviral Diseases.

Prospects for Future Antiviral Drugs.

Information Resources.

References for Chapter 3.

Appendix: Antiviral Drug Chemical Data.

CAS Registry Number Index.

Main Index.

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John S. Driscoll earned a PhD in chemistry from Princeton University and after eight years as Research Group Leader in private industry, he joined the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, MD where he initiated an intramural research program for the discovery of new anticancer drugs. From 1980 to 1983, he was Associate Director, Developmental Therapeutics Program for the NCI where he was responsible for managing preclinical intramural and extramural anticancer drug discovery and development. Dr Driscoll returned to experimental science as NCI's Chief of the Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry. His laboratory conducted research in drug design, organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and information technology in the area of new anticancer and anti-HIV drug discovery. He retired from the NCI after publishing over 140 scientific papers and obtaining numerous patents.
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