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Open Process Frameworks: Patterns for the Adaptive e-Enterprise

ISBN: 978-0-471-73611-0
153 pages
August 2005, Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Press
Open Process Frameworks: Patterns for the Adaptive e-Enterprise (0471736112) cover image


This excellent book offers a discussion of e-business, e-process and e-commerce design, from the standpoint of business adaptability and durability. It defines and maps their complex interrelationships, as well as providing guidance on conducting e-projects.

Written from the standpoint of business adaptability and durability, this unique resource offers proven principles for successful e-business, e-process, and e-commerce initiatives, applications and projects. Marca shares with us the principles that have most helped his customers create substantial value, return-on-investment, and end-customer benefits.

This guidebook provides unique insights for using the Internet to dramatically improve business processes and complex supply chains. It shows process engineers how to translate business processes into Web pages and then link those Web pages to e-commerce applications. It also gives software designers proven methods for developing e-business and e-commerce applications. And it provides project managers with valuable heuristics for realizing successful e-business and e-commerce initiatives.

David Marca is a Lead Faculty member at the University of Phoenix, Greater Boston Campus, where he teaches Business and Technology Management courses. He is a highly regarded authority and instructor in the field of e-business. In this book, Marca views the Internet as a process medium, and by taking this view he lets us see how the Internet enables a business to readily adapt to changing forces. Marca leverages the concept of open systems to develop the concept of open processes, which provides a conceptual framework to describe the structure of a business. This allows an e-business owner to describe how the company operates in terms of building blocks which support adaptable and optimized Internet-based solutions.

A comprehensive and accessible guide that brings together concept, architecture, technology, and implementation in real-world terms, Open Process Frameworks is a cutting-edge resource for today's e-business and its underpinnings.

Contents: e-Business; e-Process; e-Commerce; e-Project

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Table of Contents




Using this Book.

Reading the Case Study.


1. Business Adaptability.

2. Enterprise-wide Solutions.

3. Multi-Tier Supply Chain.

4. Internet Business Model.


5. Adaptable Technology.

6. Internet Usage Metaphor.

7. Internet-based Process.

8. Open Process Architecture.


9. Business Architecture.

10. Process Architecture.

11. Software Architecture.

12. Data Architecture.


13. Management Framework.

14. Project Management.

15. Implementation Management.

16. Team Management.

Appendix A: Case Study Background.

Appendix B: Open Process Example.

About the Author.


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Author Information

David A Marca holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Potsdam University, and an M.S. in Computer Systems from Binghamton University. Marca is Lead Faculty at the Boston Campus of the University Phoenix and also President of OpenProcess, Incorporated, an e-Business consulting firm established in 1997. His clients have included Siemens, Oracle, Dupont, Nokia, Banamex, Mass Financial Services, AdvancedPCS, Southern New England Telecom, Olivetti, General Instruments, the State of North Carolina, Boeing, Kongsberg Vaapenfabrik and the U.S military. He is a member of the Institute Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the Project Management Institute (PMI). He has published six books and 20 technical papers on electronic commerce, groupware, workflow, systems analysis, and software engineering, and holds a U.S. Patent in coordination technology.
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"The frameworks presented in this book offer a strong metaphor for formalizing an e-enterprise, which could be useful for many businesspeople…" (Computing Reviews.com, May 22, 2006)
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