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Yoga with Weights For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-471-74937-0
360 pages
March 2012
Yoga with Weights For Dummies (0471749370) cover image


An easy-to-follow guide to a hot new form of yoga

Yoga with Weights is the latest breakthrough in mind-body exercise, integrating the mindfulness of yoga with the physical culture of body-building. Building on the strengths of both disciplines, this friendly guide shows readers how to safely combine yoga postures while simultaneously working out with lightweight hand-held free weights. It features customizable exercises that target specific areas of the body, each illustrated with multiple photos, and provides guidelines for combining healthy eating with workouts.

Sherri Baptiste (Marin County, CA) is the founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga, a nationally recognized method of yoga offered throughout the United States. She teaches yoga classes throughout the United States and hosts retreats around the world.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started 7

Chapter 1: Introducing Yoga with Weights 9

Chapter 2: Gearing Up 29

Chapter 3: Preparing for Your First Workout 37

Part II: Mastering the Basics 51

Chapter 4: A Breath of Fresh Air: Yoga Breathing Techniques 53

Chapter 5: Making the Mind and Body Connection 65

Chapter 6: Warming Up and Cooling Down 73

Chapter 7: From Head to Toe: The Balanced Workout 101

Part III: Refining Your Technique 123

Chapter 8: Waking Up Your Mind and Body: The Energy Workout 125

Chapter 9: Taking It Easy: The Restorative Workout 141

Chapter 10: Pumping You Up: The Strengthening Workout 157

Chapter 11: Releasing Your Athlete Within: The Endurance Workout 171

Chapter 12: Iron Abs: The Belly-Burner Workout 191

Part IV: Personalizing Your Program 207

Chapter 13: Eating to Enhance Your Yoga-with-Weights Workout 209

Chapter 14: Addressing Body Aches and Pains 219

Chapter 15: Toning and Focusing on Different Body Areas 235

Part V: Addressing Special Situations 255

Chapter 16: Improving Your Game 257

Chapter 17: Girl Talk 287

Chapter 18: Exercises for Seniors 297

Part VI: The Part of Tens 317

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Stay Motivated 319

Chapter 20: Ten Myths about Yoga with Weights.325

Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Chart Your Progress331

Appendix: Resources .337

Index 343

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Author Information

Sherri Baptiste is an inspirational teacher at the forefront of yoga training in the United States. She was born into a rich heritage and family of pioneering teachers; her parents, Magaña and Walt Baptiste, established yoga on the West Coast in the mid-1950s. Her brother, Baron Baptiste, authored the book Journey into Power: How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life With Yoga (Fireside). Sherri has been teaching yoga since her teens and is the founder of “Baptiste Power of Yoga,” a nationally recognized yoga method, as well as a yoga-with-weights teacher-training program and a yoga teacher certification and advancing studies program recognized by Yoga Alliance. Sherri presents classes and workshops throughout the United States; she’s a presenter for Western Athletics’ Bay Clubs, Gold’s Gym, Nautilus, Equinox, IDEA World Fitness, Body Mind Spirit, ECA; and she offers many yoga retreats, including retreats at Kripalu, Omega, Haramara, Green Gulch Zen Center, Rancho La Puerta Spa, and Feathered Pipe Ranch. A radio and television personality, she’s featured in video, DVD, and CD “Power of Yoga” and “Power of Meditation” programs. You can learn more about Sherri at the following Web sites: www.powerofyoga.com and www.yogawithweights.com.

Megan Scott, PhD, is a doctor of integrative medicine, sports rehabilitation, and clinical psychology specializing in advanced healing techniques. She has 20 years of training and practice in mind-body, self-regulation techniques. Dr. Scott combines her knowledge of science and self-healing in her clinical settings, highlighted by using the left/right brain neuro rebalancing technique for self-healing. She teaches at California Pacific Medical Center, the Institute for Health and Healing, and the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. She’s also a founder, director, and contributing researcher at the Chronic Pain Institute. In her private practice, she teaches Anusara yoga and yoga therapy classes, biofeedback training, and alternative psychotherapy. Her mission is to assist her students in discovering their own greatness and to awaken her students’ passion for yoga and all its gifts.

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"a good book if you want to learn how yoga and strength training can improve your fitness and wellbeing." (Women's Fitness, September 2007)
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